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Evil Genius 2 | Review thread


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TheGamer: 10/10
If you love building games, creating elaborate strings of traps, playing the bad guy, and generally living your best island life scamming tourists, Evil Genius 2 is for you.

Shacknews: 9/10
When I felt myself growing weary of the complication, I would march Maximillian into the mess hall and execute one of the stupider minions in front of his coworkers. This sent all the witnesses into a panic, resulting in improved productivity.
I might be mentally damaged, but I’m having a great time and accomplishing my goals of world domination. Ultimately, Evil Genius 2 is a Dungeon Keeper clone in a different coat of paint. The surface has been well-prepped and the paint was applied with great expertise, though.
If you consider yourself a fan of simulation-strategy games, this has to go on your must-play list for 2021

Destructoid: 8,5/10
It comes across as a diabolical labor of love.

Hardcore Gamer: 8/10
While the visual aesthetic and tonal backdrop may not look or feel that important to proceedings as a result, it’s Evil Genius 2: World Domination‘s cunningly-emergent approach to base-building where a lot of the hidden little joys are to be savoured.
Conjuring all manner of obsession on shape, size and positioning alike. Never stopping, never wavering and all the better because of it.

Windows Central: 8/10
UI anomalies and enemy pathing issues aside, Evil Genius 2 is a deep and addictive simulation strategy game that will satisfy your inner desire to, you know, take over the world.

TheSixthAxis: 8/10
Evil Genius 2 is a worthy return to the world stage for the classic lair builder formula.
While there's certain areas that could be improved in the presentation or the game balance, building up your 60s spy villain lair and defeating the seemingly endless string of agents trying to foil your plans is immensely satisfying and engaging.

PC Invasion: 8/10
If you've ever had dreams of taking over the world with a comical Doomsday Device, then Evil Genius 2: World is the near-perfect game for you to see it happen.

Screen Ran: 8/10
For fans, Evil Genius 2 accurately recreates the feel of building up and defending a Bond villain's lair from the original, but with a host of quality of life changes that make it feel effortless.
For the newly curious, Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a witty, stylish, and surprisingly deep base builder.

PC Gamer: 7,5/10
A superbly stylish and surprisingly challenging management game, Evil Genius 2 is let down only by its tendency to bloviate.

Game Informer: 7/10
Inelegant systems and unsatisfying progression throw a wrench in the grand plans of this criminal mastermind.

IGN: 6/10
In Evil Genius 2: World Domination, a fiddly world map and confusing objectives foil the plans of this stylish, gleeful villain simulator.

GameWatcher: 6/10
The truth is Evil Genius 2 succeeds in expanding on almost every feature of the original, but it somehow manages to not fix a single one of its main problems.
The original game also suffered from an intense lack of player control and management tools back in 2004, and Rebellion somehow missed all of that when designing its sequel.

Wccftech: 6/10
Evil Genius 2: World Domination has a certain nostalgic charm, and not just because of its retro 007 stylings. It feels like something you might have found on your dad or friend’s computer back in the Windows 3.1 era and sunk a few diverting hours into.
Unfortunately, a lack of depth, challenge, and modern features makes the game hard to fully recommend in 2021. Some fun can be had if you keep your expectations in check, but don’t count on Evil Genius 2 taking over your world.

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It doesn't look bad. Even after watching Karak's review (which was a 'wait for a sale') I'm still eager to play the game. I wasn't bothered with the main flaws of the original and had a lot of fun with it. Base building fun, the unique theme and the humour are the main draws for me.
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