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Fallout 4 - PS4 screenshots (now feat. PNGs)

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Here are some.

PS4 .png's

Last ones. See you guys in the wasteland.

a bit more here


looks way better than fallout 3 or even New Vegas still worried about performance Bethesda and PlayStation has never been a good mix, they have no excuse with 8t fucking gigabytes of RAM this time I really want to get the PC version of my PC is too old


I have it preordered and looking forward to playing this but those look very lastgeny. Modders have their work cut out for them.


I know this game is supposed to utilize PBR, but I'm not really noticing what kind of advantages it brings to the visuals here.


I really wish they would just retire there engine I really really hope the next elder scrolls has a completely new engine ..
lol people actually think the dog looks good? it reminds me of that piece of shit from FFXIII, except this one has a more detailed head.


This post isn't by me, it's by a guy with the same username as me.
This first page is glorious!

It's like the posters combined beforehand, exactly one after the other like a tic-tac! =]

Fallout 1 or 4?

Looks good and clean.

Those graphics are beyond poor. It's going to be one of the worst looking AAA games on ps4.


Characters look... not well

Delicious terrain. Good looking dog.

Not bad.

Ugly? It's not the best around, but far from ugly. Looks good, imo

Ugly, but not what I come to these games for.

I'm not some superficial fool. Looks good to me.

looks like shit, but i'll play it regardless of graphics
Bit of a mixed bag, some things are nice, particularly how clean and colorful everything is, other things are passable. The graphics are the last reason to play a game like this anyways.
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