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Famitsu news (August 4th) - Half Minute Hero SECOND


Meh, it's Shining game with Tony Taka as the artist, probably will be boring like Tears and Wind. I like his designs but yeah, his faces are all the goddamn same.

Shame this isn't more Neo or Exa, more Shining Diablo Force would be fucking awesome.


Bebpo said:
Should just incorporate it into other modern Sega franchises

Shining Valkyria Phantasy Online

Could be worse, could be Shining Valkyria Phantasy Climax, which would just sound dodgy.


Some more details about HMH2nd:

- The producer and director is Kenichiro Takaki, who was the producer of HMH

- No word yet if Opus Studio is actually developing this, or if UUE is working on the sequel, maybe not

- 4th Nov release date, 4980yen

- Instead of having various different modes of play this time, the story mode will consist of just Hero30, and it will have 5 complete scenarios.

- The scenarios will be Overture, Judgement, Revolution, Ragnarok, and Destiny. There will be about 90 quests in total.

- Other modes include True Hero Wars (4 player ad-hoc versus, supports player created maps from the editor), and Hero Infinite (Unlimited survival mode where you keep defeating the demon lord over and over), and Romancing Maker (quest making edit mode).

Edit: Oh I see Anoop has already posted a more detailed update here - http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/08/04/half_minute_hero_sequel/

Boss Doggie

all my loli wolf companions are so moe
Man, why did Taka sink so low and instead of using a wolfling and a dragonewt he only adds a crappy pantherman? I guess he couldn't top Rouen, the best wolfling to date, and Hyouun.



duckroll said:
Half-Minute Hero SECOND will feature tracks contributed by the following composers: Kenji Ito, Shimomura, Mitsuda, Hamauzu, and Sakauraba..

Since Half Minute Hero Second is just Hero 3 and has five scenarios, I hope each of those composers have an entire scenario to themselves, since there are five of them too.


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*sigh* Another week of worthless crap.
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