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FFVII development background (long read)

Mar 21, 2005
Grivenger said:
Trash like FFVI that is, alongside Chrono Trigger, one of the most loved SNES RPGs ever created, and trash like FFVII/ FFVIII/ FFX, which are the most commercially successful FFs, being FFVII one of the most over-rated games ever. I don't consider Sakaguchi's FFII or FFV to be an example of slightly above average RPGs (well, at least FFV's gameplay was awesome...). His FFI was an excellent start, his FFIV was a classic, and the story he wrote for FFIX was pretty charmful even though it re-used many cliché concepts... Like I said before, Sakaguchi is the kind of guy that is either over-rated or under-rated. Same for Kitase, I guess.

ugh... why did you take the bait? :( :( :(