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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Sold Around 2 Million Copies, PS5 Player Data Suggests


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Aanalysis firm Ampere has been doing for recent PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Square Enix has yet to provide any concrete information on how well Rebirth has sold, but PS5 daily active user data suggests that it's surpassed at least 2 million copies since its launch on the 29th February.

So, how does that compare to other big budget Final Fantasy games released over recent years? Well, for starters, Final Fantasy 7 Remake — the original PS4 version, and Rebirth's predecessor — managed 3.5 million sales in just three days.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 16 — which had Square Enix sending mixed messages with regards to its success versus the publisher's expectations — sold 3 million at launch. Like Rebirth, it was also a PS5 exclusive.

Ampere Analysis



Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Seems lower than expected. It's a bit odd that Square haven't put out any PR about sales / players yet, most AAA releases usually have one of those out within a week of the games release.
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Dying series if true. Its no one's fault but SQEX.

1) Short sighted exclusivity deals alienate fans and limit growth
2) Putting your best team on remakes for a decade is one of the worst management calls of all time
3) FFXVI had unforgivable design shortcomings.

Every SQEX exclusive on PS5 has underperformed. Forspoken, Foamstars, FFXVI, FFVII, and FFVII-2. Great strategy.
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That sucks to hear. I hope that's not true. Either way they still have the PC port to lean on and hopefully that sells well.
If I bought the physical copy, but haven't opened it yet, how would they know I bought the game by looking at active player data?
Due to my backlog, I haven't even started the game.

Unless SE gives a PR statement for sales, this is BS.


period. no spinning

Let's be clear on something: this is not an issue of the quality of the game necessarily, but an issue with the state of the brand. (But the state of the brand is what it is because of the quality of previous entries)
Also, putting Daniel Ahmad as a Source is more BS, he's the guy that said in 2020 that SIE games don't make any profit at all. He's been wrong plenty of times.



How embarrassing.
Square Enix should take a good hard look at themselves and ask why Capcom is doing better.

(Exoprimal never happened)


Clearly exclusivity isn't helping the brand, I continue to be baffled as to how Square thinks taking a $20 million check from Sony is helping them when they're trading millions of day 1 sales on PC and Xbox for it. Nobody gives a fuck about these games 1+ year later when they're catalogue subscription service fodder, of course they sell like shit on other platforms at that point.
Well, they need to get on that PC port. Maybe a Switch port too. 2 million x $60 is $120 Million, with 30% cut to Sony and you’re looking at revenue of $84 million, and I’m sure development cost way more than that.
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People are coping really hard in this thread. The fact that Square Enix didn't brag about FFRebirth sales yet strongly indicates that it's underperforming previous entries like ff16 and Remake. Those numbers seem to align with that, even if a bit conservative.

Also exclusivity hurts,sure, but doesn't change the fact this game is selling less than previous games on PS platform alone.

Final fantasy as a brand is dying because Millenials are getting old and checking out of the market; Zoomers are too busy playing other games.

Square needs to either revamp the franchise to appeal to zoomers and alphas or lower the budget and scale and focus on the fewer millenials left.
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Next time dont make 100 hour games with 30 mini games, and focus on a tighter more cohesive experience.

They inflated the length of the first game and then said they will take another 2 games to tell the full story. nonsense. strip out all the nonsense and you couldve told this story in one 50 hour long game.


Square may have shot themselves in the foot by doing 3 parts. I bet the second did not sell because most people did not bother finishing the first part. Lots of casuals taken in by the hype and dropping it. The finale will probably have even worse sales.
Would have been nice if they could have trimmed the fat and could have put all three parts into a single 50-75 hour game.
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It’s a sequel so it’ll well worse than the previous game by default, everyone didn’t like/finish the first one and obviously won’t buy the sequel at release.
Just get that PC port out while it’s still somewhat new and it’ll sell more. I’ll buy it.
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