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Final Fantasy XIV-themed "Eorzea Cafe" opens in Japan



Square Enix is collaborating with Pasela to open a Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe in Japan. The company also has two other operations: Luida's Bar (Dragon Quest-themed) and Artnia (general Square Enix-themed cafe).

The menu features foodstuffs directly from the game or inspired by it such as the Apkallu Omelette, Titan Burger, and Bahamut "Giga Flare" Curry. In addition to the Eorzean decor it looks like you'll be able to play the game at the cafe (edit: though it looks like that's partly a promotional event for a PC/laptop partnership Square Enix cooked up).

Director/producer Naoki Yoshida was at the opening event and got behind the bar to mix 3-star HQ drinks on his fully-melded level 50 Alchemist.

Chow down over-dweller!

(some nsfw side banners) http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/897/897228/

Official Website:

Weight of the Land Titan Burger, Gilgamesh's Escalope, Apkallu Omelette

"Destruct" Bomb Croquette, Trapper's Quiche, Smoked Raptor

Bahamut Giga Flare Curry, Mandragora Bagel Sandwich, La Noscean Toast/Mogli "Mini Hanito"



"Bahamut Giga Flare Curry" sounds like something you might want to avoid if you have a weak stomach/anus.


Leviathan's Tsunami chilled noodles and blue because water is blue

Yoshi-P's favorite: Malboro pasta salad

Collectible coasters of the Primals (their names written in Eorzean script):


This is seriously awesome! I would so go there if I visited Japan!

dengeki link needs a nsfw warning

Sometimes Japan needs a nsfw warning...

I've always wanted to go to Japan, but I'm starting to think I'll need to walk around with my eyes closed if I ever go over there.
Ok i see the item they sell but i'm not seeing the increase in stats ?

i need a meal that will give spell speed+4 and xp +3% for 30 minutes please.


I live in Tokyo, and wondered if any GAF people here in Tokyo want to go together as a smallish group?


This looks amazing! I wish more stuff like this would pop up in the west, but I doubt it would make sense financially for such a niche market.
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