First screenshot of new Prince of Persia game?

Yet another God of War rip off. If they can make the platforming precision based and as challenging as the Sands of Time games then I may be interested.

I'd say it could be revealed at this years VGA's as well.
Just make nice 1 vs 1(2 or 3) fight, no more than this...

Make awesome puzzle, and give us some nice adventure challenger!

Is all I want from PoP!
I'm glad I abandoned this series, I didn't care for 2008, the forgotten sands game is shit, and if this is true, it looks like the most generic shit you could come up with for the series.
4) Ubi was working on a new IP for next gend that would have been like God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus. I think they have decided to make it the POP 2 remake.
Why? :(
Why can't they return to the glorious days of the Sands of Time, where platforming was the meat of the game?
Is this what that pre-E3 leak was originally supposed to tease? The one with the big dude in the shadows and the bow?
It was just going to be trailer... This was revealed to me this morning... I did not want to post it back then... But someone on the official forums posted the same thing with the POP 2 Zero on it... Originally, I saw it without those written on it...

Maybe Ubi is just pulling our legs to build hype for the game. *shrugs*
*Scratches head in confusion* Why not just go back and make something from the trilogy that made the series so popular to begin with? At least just start a new trilogy with a new Prince, but with the same core design philosophy taken to new heights. If it's not broke and has proven itself to work, why try and force something else? Don't take away what was loved.

Of course I know nothing about it, but this screen is obviously not inspired by the trilogy in terms of environment or characters. And I would wager to say the gameplay is nothing like the trilogy either. Why not just call it something like, 'Wrath of the Fallen Egyptian' and call it a day, lol?
Dear UbiSoft.

The amazing cel-shading and concept of Prince of Persia was NOT the reason the game tanked.

It was most probably the boring pacing/dull gameplay/nearly no punishment for failure that did that.

I think some Gaffer already said it's not from a new PoP game.
Well, that doesn't necessarily conflict with the story in the OP, that this was at one point a new IP that was turned into Prince of Persia.

I mean the guy in the CG is wearing the same outfit on his shoulders and the screenshot says POP_ZERO_2.
A new Ubi project always gets me excited.

People seem awfully quick to judge in here. Writing off an entire game based on one pre-alpha build screenshot is pretty silly.