Football Thread 2017/18 |OT2| Fractured but Ox

Yeah Everton desperately need Bolasie. The attack just can't create concerted pressure against top sides and they're confident we won't break them because of a lack of pace.

The defence isn't up to snuff when Williams is out of from and obviously we're a worse side without Coleman.

We're a safe bet for top 10 though lol.

I hope.
I think Everton needs a striker more than they need Bolasie.
welp, thanks for the responses on page 1 to my question about mane

SLPtake: A good, hearty, honest thrashing like this should remind the team (and owners) how much more work is left to do.
, Lukaku
and Kane in my FPL😇

I'd just like to say 2 things. That was a blatant red even though it was with no intent.

Secondly yodel are by far and away the shittest delivery company.
Yodel once delivered my parcel to a neighbour and then posted the missed delivery card through my door. They're competely backwards.
I said Welbeck would score. No one believed me. I was alone. Me against the world.

I also said it'd be a 1-0 and heavily implied that Welbeck was mediocre.
Juventus XI: Szczesny; Lichtsteiner, Benatia, Rugani, Asamoah; Matuidi, Pjanic, Sturaro; Douglas Costa, Higuain, Mandzukic. #JuveChievo

Still no Bernadeschi.......ALLEGRI!!!!!
Forster is such a shit keeper
He had a great spell at the start of his time on the coast. I remember thinking he was a monster and stopped everything (cos he's 86% bigger than a normal human being). Wheels have definitely come off though.

Pickford looking like a bargain all things considered.