Forget about physics - the official Dissidia Final Fantasy thread


Title~ Dissidia Final Fantasy
Publisher/Developer~ Square Enix
Genre~ Dramatic Progressive Action (Fighting)
Platform~ Playstation Portable
MSRP~ $39.99(USD) £29.99(Euros)
Release Date~ AUG. 25 2009 (US), Sept. 4 2009 (Europe)
Ratings~ PEGI: 12+, ESRB: T(Teen)

Reviews: Metacritic rating

"Even if this game didn't occupy the Final Fantasy universe, the amount of content you're getting on one UMD is mind-numbing and well worth the investment. "- IGN(8.7)

"Is it a fighter? Is it an RPG?" Well, it can be both, and still be fun. "- 1UP(A-)

""- Gametrailers(8.7)

Official website US & Europe


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Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos, the god of discord. Reigning from distant realms, the two gods had gathered warriors from all lands to lead them in savage war. Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength. It was believed the conflict would last forever. However, the balance is now broken. Those who answered Chaos's call created an inexhaustible force. And under vicious attack without relent, the warriors fighting for Cosmos started to fall one by one. The conflict that has continued for eons is now about to end in Chaos's favor...

The world has been torn asunder, sinking into a vortex of disorder. As for the few surviving warriors… their fates have yet to be determined.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy (DFF) is a commemorative title for the Final Fantasy series anniversary that brings forth arguably the best of what the series has offered over 20 + years. The game is best described as a dream...err I mean fantasy match crossover featuring the main protagonists and antagonist of the main line FF series. The heroes do battle to bring forth balance in the name of Cosmos with the crystals (a series staple of importance). While simultaneously, those in the service of Chaos seek to stop them and usher in disaster. This fighter features all the heroes and villains from the first 10 games of the series. With a full single player story mode for each hero backed by years of narrative, you will find it difficult to say this fighter has no real story.

What does Dissidia mean?
Dissidia is Latin for conflict" or "disagreement" and given the context of the game is makes sense because there a whole lot scrapping going on.

Character Roster:
*note* VA is reported from wikipedia if there are errors please inform me

villains left, heroes right

Warrior of Light

Voice actor: Grant George
Concept: All around balance type
Description: A fighter whom has no real weakness at any range, his balance allows him to be well suited for any battle situations. More of legend character never really featured in FF1, he is also the unofficial Cosmos team captain and original hero.

Voice actor: Christopher Sabat
Concept: Reverse Standard
Description: All villains considered he is the most standardized in terms of style. One of the powerful attacking characters, his attacks adjust accordingly based on player button pressure input. The first prominent villain of FF lore, he is recognized as a noble knight that fell from grace in pursuit of power.

Voice actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Concept: Weapon Specialist
Description: Just as the game he hails from suggests this man is a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to weaponry. His bevy of weapons gives him choices that allow him to mix up on the fly against any given foe.

The Emperor
Voice actor: Christopher Corey Smith
Concept: Trap Maker
Description: An evil tactician character who makes use of the battle grounds against opposing using mines and targeted magic attacks. A mistake in one's footing will may begin a series spells to his victory.

Onion Knight
Voice actor: Aaron Spann
Concept actor: Magic or Sword
Description: Both melee attacks and magic attacks are at this fighter's disposal; players have the choice of either or both for a deadly combination. Despite being the youngest hero(or combatant period), he is also the fastest character in the Cosmos side.

Cloud of Darkness
Voice actor: Laura Bailey
Concept: Beam Master
Description: Her movements are like a cloud dancing in the sky, and tentacles from her body reach forth to attack enemies. Her mastery is in using long range particle beams to keep her opponents at bay. Long range is the name of the game.

Cecil Harvey
Voice actor: Yuri Lowenthal
Concept: Style Change
Description: Of all the heroes, Cecil is a being with 2 powerful styles at his call. His Dark Knight form is a slower but strong offensive character fit for ground combat. His Paladin form is a mid-air specialist who is best suited in both agility and defense. Frankly, you can take charge in both the air and the ground.

Voice actor: Peter Beckman
Concept: Double Attack
Description: An interesting character with mind games up his sleeve. Every attack he executes is actually a set of two, each with a different range. True, he wears seemingly heavy armor but do not be deceived, his movements are hardly restricted.

Bartz Klauser
Voice actor: Jason Spisak
Concept: Utility Player
Description: As homage to his game, his mimic job class has him using attacks and skills borrowed from all the other heroes along with their weapons. With Bartz it's in your hands to create combos not normally possible with any other hero.

Voice actor: Gerald C. Rivers
Concept: Guard Counter
Description: The sequential defense person in a fighting game, his play style involves abilities and actions based on guarding. If and or when he successfully guards an attack, the following counter blow will be brutal. This makes him arguably the most powerful SNES era FF villains in DFF. His movement is unusually slow due to his defensive nature.

Terra Branford
Voice actor: Natalie Lander
Concept: Magic Master
Description: This young woman is the most balanced among all practitioners of magic within the game. Unlike her male comrades she has the benefit of both ranged and melee magic attacks in her arsenal. She can also follow up her spells with combos at a moments notice.

Kefka Palazzo
Voice actor: Dave Wittenberg
Concept: Trickster
Description: Although mainly a magic user, his attacks often confuses has the opponent guessing. His spells can home in on the enemy, and his play style relies on taunting the opponent into making foolish mistakes. Among series fans, he is as a true villain among villains...with more than a few screws loose.

Cloud Strife
Voice actor: Steve Burton
Concept: Smash and Blow
Description: His play favors sending opponents flying with strong attacks. By slamming enemies against and through the environment, players have additional damage on top of the initial heavy strike. He also has various aerial attacks to follow up on enemies in mid- air. Matched by his very popularity his strength makes him a powerhouse.

Voice actor: George Newbern
Concept: Blade Master
Description: It should not be a surprise that one the most recognized villains possess great strength as well. A sword master who strikes at foes with attacks at light speed; you will not know what hit you. With his set of attacks, any player should be able to find comfort in his skill.

Squall Leonhart
Voice actor: Doug Erholtz
Concept: Combo Master
Description: Like in the original game he comes from, his moves consists of a good number of follow-ups. His abilities will be in favor of combo purists in how well they can keep the enemy trapped in a series attacks. He keeps going and going....

Voice actor: Tasia Valenza
Concept: Magic Shooter
Description: She is mainly a long ranged spell spammer, and by rapidly pressing the buttons, she can continuously string together a set of spell combos. Her attacks also allow her to hold down a button to charge for stronger magic attacks. She brings forth almost a shump like element to the roster.

Zidane Tribal
Voice actor: Bryce Papenbrook
Concept: Air Master
Description: Just as his design suggests he is a fast and agile character, for who the air is his playground. When transformed in his Trance mode, his mobility and speed are even greater. Air juggles is this prehensile tailed hero's game

Voice actor: JD Cullum
Concept: Free Range
Description: Able to fly freely in the air without a care in the world, he is also able to easily change directions and break out of attacks in the middle of combat. Not one restrained by gravity or normal physics, the range and distance between him and his opponent is largely meaningless.

Voice actor: James Arnold Taylor
Concept: Dodge Attacker
Description: A high mobility character that specializes on dodging the attacks of the opponent, and following up with a series of fast and deadly counter attacks. His skill set includes the Overdrives from his original game. In battle, it is almost as if he is swimming in water.

Voice actor: Gregg Berger
Concept: Ultimate Infighter
Description: Representing that pure fighting spirit in a sense; is Jecht. The strongest and most focused melee character in the line up, he has extremely high attack power and dominates in close range combat. He fights solely with pure melee attacks with no magic in sight. He has many dynamic abilities and attacks, like the True Jecht Shot that where he kicks a meteor at the opponent. Just as a few, he stands around the top tier of strength within DFF.

~Brave Attacks and HP Attacks~

Unlike regular action and fighting games, Dissidia uses a unique system of Brave and HP attacks to deal damage in battles. Each character in battle have two sets of points - Hitpoints and Brave Points. Like in any fighting game, the objective is to reduce the opponent's hitpoints to zero, but unlike a traditional fighting, Brave attacks do not reduce the HP of the opponent. Instead it drains the opponent's Brave Points and adds them to your own. If you reduce the opponent's Brave Points to zero, the character will enter a Break state and you will gain all the Brave Points that are in the pool that is indicated between the two lifebars on the screen. HP attacks on the other hand, will reduce the opponent's hitpoints by the exact amount of Brave the character has at the moment of the attack, after which the character's Brave Points are reduced to zero before slowly resetting to the initial base amount.

~Ex-Mode and Ex-Burst~

As a character deals damage to the opponent, tiny balls of light will materialize. By absorbing these balls, the Ex-Bar will fill up. Occasionally in a small bell-shaped Ex-Core will appear, and when attained it fills up a significant portion of the Ex-Bar. When a character's Ex-Bar is full, a transformation into the Ex-Mode is available. The Ex-Mode differs from character to character, but will generally enhance the character's fighting abilities in line with that character's unique style. When in Ex-Mode, a successful combo against the opponent can be finished off with an Ex-Burst - this is a special attack that each character has and is usually an extremely damaging series of Brave Attacks followed up by a deadly HP Attack finisher. When an Ex-Burst is being used against you, there is a vertical defense bar with an indicator that can be balanced by rapidly tapping the button to raise it up or slowing down the tapping to allow it to drop. Balancing the indicator at the ideal spot will reduce the damage from the Ex-Burst by the indicated amount. Its say to say if you did go into ex mode and the other guy did hard time are a coming.


Summons in Dissidia act as support skills that influence the Brave Points during a battle. Each Summon has a unique skill, but only a single Summon can be equipped for a battle at any one time. The skills that the Summons provide can vary from copying the Brave Points of the opponent as your own, to draining away your opponent's Brave Points. There are also skills that have certain on-going effects on the Brave Points of either the player or the opponent for a limited amount of time. The game will feature over 50 summons that can be acquired throughout the Story Mode.

~Character Customization~

As Dissidia is based on the Final Fantasy series, it would not be proper to not have an in-depth character customization system to give the game a role-playing flavor. Each character in the game starts at Level 1, but gains experience points during and after battles. Like in any RPG, these characters can level up and improve their attributes. There are six different attributes - HP (Hitpoints), CP (Capacity Points), BRV (Brave), LUK (Luck), ATK (Attack), and DEF (Defense). HP determines the amount of hitpoints the character has in battles, CP determines what skills and abilities can be equipped on the character at the same time, BRV determines the initial Brave Points a character has in a battle, LUK influences the item drop rate, ATK influences the amount of Brave that is stolen with each Brave Attack, and DEF influences the amount of Brave that is stolen when you are hit with a Brave Attack.

As characters level up they will also gain new skills and abilities, but while there are limited slots for attacks and passive abilities, each skill and ability also comes with a CP cost. Stronger skills will cost more CP to equip, and if there isn't enough left for other skills, sacrifices will have to be made. The game also features a variety of equipment that accessories that can be found in the game. Each character can equip a main weapon, an off-hand shield, a helm and a piece of armor. These equipment are not visually represented in battle, but they influence the character's attribute points and could also carry with them extra benefits. Accessories are unique equipment that provide certain battle benefits, but only when requirements at met in battle. These requirements could be related to performance or statistics within the battle. Often they will provide aid when a character is in an unfavorable or dire situation. Gil gained from battles can be used in the shop within the game to purchase new equipment and accessories.

~Battle Raise and Missions~

Each time certain general conditions in a battle are met, there's a small chance of gaining accessory components in that battle. These conditions can be viewed in the Customization Menu. By raising enough accessory components, these components can then be exchanged for rare items in the shop. Missions on the other hand, are specific achievements that are gained over the course of the entire play history. When a mission condition is completed, rewards will be given in the form of items, and more missions will be available. Available missions can be viewed in the Customization Menu as well.

~Replay System~

At the end of each battle, the player can save the replay data of the battle, but it doesn't end there. The game features an extensive replay editor mode where replays can be customized and edited in many ways. The editor has control over zoom, panning and camera rotation options throughout the entire timeline of the replay. User Displays can also be completely turned off for a more cinematic presentation. Quick screenshots can also be saved via jpg format within the editor at any time, and when the user is satisfied with how the replay looks, it can be saved into an avi for uploading on video sharing sites.

~Command Battle System~

For long time fans of the series that aren't particularly good at action games, Dissidia also offers a Command Battle Mode to play the game in. When using the Command Battle Mode, players do not have to control the movements of the character themselves. Instead the general action is controlled by the AI, while there is a classic FF style menu presenting the player with combat options like Attack (Brave Attack), Strike (HP Attack), Defend, Summon, Run, etc. As the actual action is totally automated the player would only need to select commands and watch the commands being executed - similar to playing a standard Final Fantasy battle on Active Mode.

~Data Install~

Dissidia supports data installation for players who have enough space on their memory sticks. By installing the game on the memory stick, load times will be reduced and result in a better playing experience. There are three types of installations available: the 245meg installation will install just the Battle data, the 373meg installation will install the Battle and Story data, while the full installation will take up 528meg. While the game installs on the memory stick, a homage to the Final Fantasy V introduction will be displayed.

Gameplay modes

~story mode~

In the Story Mode of Dissidia, the player can select any of the 10 heroes on the side of Cosmos. Each character has their own adventure complete with voiced cutscenes and stages. The stages are presented like a board game, and the player spends Destiny Points to move character piece around the board to encounter enemies and treasures. When the stage conditions have been met, the path to the boss piece will be open leading to the conclusion of the stage. Players will be assessed on how well they performed at the end of each stage and receive bonus points and items.

~Quick Battle~

Select any available character and play a quick battle against a computer opponent. Character stats, levels and equipment carry over between modes, so you can train up characters using Quick Battle to improve their abilities in preparation for use in other modes.

~Arcade mode~

The western release has a new mode called the Arcade mode. Players to be able to jump right into 3D environment battles with whatever character they like. The characters don’t level and customization is limited, but players are able to control all Cosmos and Chaos characters from the start. You can also choose between the normal and hard difficulty modes, and each character has unique customization content.

~Wireless Mode~

Over ad-hoc or using Ad-hoc Party on the PS3, players can challenge each other using characters they have trained and customized. Players can exchange Friend Cards containing their statistics and Ghost data, and there are several different rule sets to choose from when engaging in a battle. There are hundreds of unlockable avatars to choose from to use in your Friend Card as well. There are also Artifact Items that evolve as they change hands between players. An Artifact is a basic item that can be renamed. As its name changes, it may gain special properties, and as the item changes hands from player to player and it will evolve with each renaming into a stronger and more unique weapon.

~PP Catalog~

Winning battles in Dissidia will earn the player PP points. These points are used in the PP Catalog to purchase unlockables. There are various things that can be bought from the PP Catalog including Chaos characters, additional BGM for use in battles, extra costumes for characters, and avatar icons.


The Museum in the game is where the player can access all the media and data content that has been unlocked thus far. Movies that have been unlocked in the Story Mode will be visible here, along with all the music that has been purchased off the PP Catalog. Also available will be data sheets for the various characters and summons that have been unlocked during the game. The data sheets will provide information on the history of the characters and beasts relating to their appearances throughout the Final Fantasy series. The individual statistics for the playable characters can also be viewed here, showing how much distance the characters have covered over the course of use, how many battles they have fought, and other bits of info. Its HUGE!

~Ad-hoc Party~

Details coming soon














Gameplay Videos

Zidane montage:

Cloud montage:

Gametrailer's Preview:

Game insight:

What ideas lead to and formed the game of Dissidia Final Fantasy?

Developer Blog:

Would you like more details up on the featured heroes and villains of the game?

IGN's heroes inside look:

Gamespy's villains inside look:

Impressions and etc.

Thorough impressions given by fellow gaf members will be posted here as the come in

I'd post mine but it should quite clear what I think about this game...its awesome go get it!

Thread Spark Notes version:

Ok so you just read the thread, reviews, and watched many videos still wonder what is this game like?

To be honest its best described as a FF based arcade fighter. Much like Super Smash Bros. and or Power Stone if you will.

I like fighting games but do I have to be a series fan to full enjoy this?

No not all really. The game is set in its own universe and their games serve as back stories to the battle royal before you.


Indeed, I am not very familiar with the series outside a few titles and find the game tons of fun.

So if this is a fighting game is it difficult and or deep?

No & yes. You can get the hang of the game in 5 minutes or less. At the same if you want to fully take charge of a character and wreck people's faces its going to take time. Basically you have to keep in mind of the dichotomy the game presents at all times, the RPG like customization and its unique fighting mechanics.

Ok so what is it about this game that should have me excited; RPG and or fighting fan?

Well the level of content of which you can find is ridiculously huge and I am not even mentioning equipment and fighter's moves and abilities. Rewards lie in wait for almost everything you do even playing on specific days out of the week! You also get that satisfaction of working on a fighter getting stronger over time for your efforts. More importantly if flying through the sky just to kick someone's butt is wrong then I don't want to be right.

And the Tier list?

See post # 16 for list. Follow this link to gamefaqs for a full description and reasoning behind said list

Not that this should be mentioned but...please:

*No Nomura's art bashing. Belts, zippers and all manner of buckles jokes aren't welcomed.

*Taking the time to troll the game's concept and those interested will also be a no, no.

*Filling up the thread with "said FF game being better than said FF" has no place here. With that said, characters in DFF can be argued though within context of the game.

If you've played the import like myself you'll notice I decidedly left certain details out. These should be experience with no spoiling for others. So please spoiler tag story related matters and other things.

So friends....

The wallpaper is mine! One of the slickest OPs ever on GAF, very nice!

Any official tier list for this game yet? I know Kefka and Terra's god/S-tier, how about everyone else?
excitement dampened cuz of the long wait
and it doesn't help that i went and watched the ending on utube
but will get it still
should be fun :D
Thank you:

Shoutouts & thanks to Duckroll for giving me the chance to do this. Alot of the assets he used in his import thread went into here.

Bruce LeeRoy for giving me tips on making a better thread for others to read and enjoy.

Amir0x for moderating.

I'm sorry for those of you that posted before but it wasn't done sorry.
Good reason for me to sell my PSP-1000 and pick up a 3000 (for tv-out) with the Dissidia-bundle. Apparently it will be avaliable in Europe too (but without stick and FF7:AC) and the game looks sweet. Great thread too.
Sorry 'bout posting too early.:lol

But as I said, it looks awesome. Good job, don't think I could put much work into an official thread myself.

Won't be getting this game too soon because of lack of a job though. :/
Seiken said:
Any official tier list for this game yet? I know Kefka and Terra's god/S-tier, how about everyone else?
Hmm, I don't ever recall seeing a tire list back when I had the import. However for the sake of discussion here is one I've read on gamefaqs that I generally agree with


High ~

Cloud of Darkness

Onion Knight
Warrior of Light

What's the likelihood on this working with the latest dark alex custom firmware when the demo didn't work? I'm about to place my pre order on amazon with the SAVE5DIS coupon, but I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't work with cfw.
Very nice. Wasn't expecting such a kick ass OP for a game like this. Love it.

Although I would rather these official thread titles to start with the name of the game first. Kind of hard to find this and the Batman thread at times.
Very awesome topic, thanks for your time and effort in sharing this!
I already pre ordered mine, and I can't wait to pick it up along with my PS3 slim! =D
So want this game...but no PSP at the moment..
Is the game planned to be released as a download..during the launch of the PSPGo??

Because by the time I can buy a PSP, the Go is going to be here.. :/
acevans2 said:
What team at Square Enix made this? Like, what other games have they made?
Not exactly sure it was produced by Yoshinori Kitase and directed by Yousuke Shiokawa

fernoca said:
So want this game...but no PSP at the moment..
Is the game planned to be released as a download..during the launch of the PSPGo??

Because by the time I can buy a PSP, the Go is going to be here.. :/
Dra-Q said:
One important question: will it be available as DD at PSP Go launch?
As of now I don't know but I would assume it will be

BlazingDarkness said:
IGN score is 8.9 not 8.7 xD
Yeah I just fixed it :lol
I bought at the Japanese launch and while the game is very polished with top-notch presentation I personally found the gameplay to be mind-numbingly boring. I put it in about 6 hours before selling it back. It just felt like a fighting game on rails to me. The game is all about fan-service, though. Any diehard Final Fantasy fan will probably be able to enjoy it and spend a lot of time unlocking stuff and collecting everything.


Really enjoyed playing this one. Shame about needing a specific PS3 to play it online, though. That would have gotten me more milage out of the game but I really enjoyed the fighting once I figured it out. I found it to be simpler, yet deeper, than it first seemed. Didn't collect everything as I don't have the time for that but doing the multiplayer I did with friends while people still played was fun and doing the main quest was a blast.
Snapshot King said:
Can anybody make higher rez versions of those wallpapers? They get pixellated on my screen.
I posted the original sized raw file link right under each wallpaper

Forkball said:
It seems like this game was announced forever ago. I'm surprised localization took so long.
Reading the developer blog, the localization was a long process, which involved going back and tweaking the script and story a bit. Also the gameplay and characters were better balanced with fan input for the western releases. I'm sure a good amount of time went into the new arcade mode.

JSnake said:
All(most?) ad hoc games can be played via ad hoc party. We'll get confirmation for this ad hoc party capability as the game gets in more people's hands.
Cynar said:
any big differences between this and the jpn version?
Sure one more for the road. The western releases feature an arcade mode exclusive to them. Character balances have also been considered and worked on. More info can be found on the developer blog I linked.