Fortune Street |OT| WALUIGI TIME!!!

Jan 20, 2010

Platform: Wii
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: Board Game
Players: 1-4 Multiplayer

Release Dates
- December 1, 2011
- December 5, 2011
- January 6, 2012

Are you disappointed in that other game this holiday season doesn't have Waluigi? Then this is the game for you! This is THE must have game for Waluigi greatness!

What is Fortune Street?
Worlds collide with the famed Super Mario and Dragon Quest series team up to occupy Fortune Street. Much like the board game Monopoly, You snatch up properties, invest in shops, charge your foes and drain their bank accounts, and play the stock market like a true 80s businessman. Twists of fate and fortune pop up with every roll of the die!

Selectable Characters
Starting Characters
Mario - Plumber, doctor, construction worker, zoo keeper, kart racer, professional athlete, and now shrewd business man. Not Waluigi
Luigi - The king of second bananas. Not Waluigi
Yoshi - A green dinosaur from Yoshi's Island that eats things and poops them out as eggs. Not Waluigi
Daisy - She rules some kingdom, but nobody seems to care anymore, not even she. Not Waluigi
Bowser - The fearsome and incompetent ruler of the Koopas. Not Waluigi
Bowser jr. - Bowser's illegitimate son. Not Waluigi
Wario - The fat and greedy guy who thinks he's cooler than Waluigi, but he's not Waluigi
Waluigi - The big star of THE show. Waluigi
Donkey Kong - Big slow ape who excessively hoards bananas. Not Waluigi
Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong's small comrade in arms. Not Waluigi
Toad - One of the many Toads that make up the Mushroom Kingdom. Not Waluigi
Birdo - The gender confused dinosaur. Not Waluigi

Slime - The podgy and squishy monster that can speak pretty good "gooman." Not Waluigi
Platypunk - Half platypus, and all punk. Not Waluigi
Princessa - The magical princess of Moonbrooke. Not Waluigi
Alena - She can bust down walls with her powerful arms. Scary, but not Waluigi
Kyril - This priest is hopelessly in love with the spunky tsarevna. Not Waluigi
Bianca - She's the childhood friend and one of the few girls the Hero can marry. You know, that one hero. Not Waluigi
Carver - Gentle yet powerful martial artist. Most definitely not Waluigi
Angelo - The wimpy pretty boy of Maella Abbey. Not Waluigi
Young Yangus - Young bandit of the wretched town of Pickham. Don't be fooled! He's not Waluigi
Stella - An extremely annoying celestial fairy who has an eye for fashion. Not Waluigi

Mii - The customizable "you." You could emulate Waluigi, but you won't be the real Waluigi

Unlockable Characters
Peach - Yes, that's right PRINCESS PEACH. Not Waluigi

Dragonlord - Why does he have a nose here??? Not Waluigi
Jessica - VA VA VOOM! Not Waluigi
Patty - She has lovely assets, if you know what I mean. Not Waluigi

Selectable Boards
Mario Stadium
Starship Mario
Mario Circuit
Yoshi's Island
Delfino Plaza
Peach's Castle
Bowser's Castle
Super Mario Bros World 1-1
Good Egg Galaxy
New Super Mario Bros. Wii World 1

Castle Trodain
The Observatory
The Ghost Ship
Mount Magmageddon
The Robbin' Hood Ruins
... I know there are more, but I can't find any sources

Fortune Street E3 2011 trailer
Fortune Street November Trailer
Fortune Street Commercial
Super Mario RPG Music!!!

Game Informer - 8.5
1up - B+
Games Radar - 7
IGN - 7
Gamespot - 6
Jul 10, 2006
Giant Bomb played this for three and a half hours last night.

It was one of the shortest maps.
I bet they didn't even go into the options menu to turn on all of the things that speed up the game.
If you take that long on most of the maps in this game, you most likely don't know how to play the game very well, and you haven't put any effort into doing better.
Jun 25, 2005
I bet they didn't even go into the options menu to turn on all of the things that speed up the game.
If you take that long on most of the maps in this game, you most likely don't know how to play the game very well, and you haven't put any effort into doing better.
They turned on faster animations about halfway through, and even after discovering that just sinking a lot of money into properties and districts pays off generously, they kept trying to break up each other's districts with expensive buyouts.

It became hilarious as they slowly went from "this game is so slow and boring and it's Japanese Monopoly, I want to die," to, "OH SHIT DISTRICT D IS TANKING SELL YOUR SHIT IT'S BECOMING A FUCKING GHETTO, QUICK START DEVELOPING OVER HERE"


Super Member
Jul 24, 2007
Excuse me? Luigi? The King of Second Bananas?

To be honest that's better than Waluigi, the second banana that almost never existed and thank goodness Nintendo made a Tennis game which required Luigi to have an evil twin.

Holy crap, Mario RPG music
Apr 3, 2010

i hope this game is as engaging as mario party. when the first mario party was first talked about, i thought it was monopoly + mario characters. it turned out differently and now we get a real monopoly + mario characters.
Jan 23, 2008
WTF is this fixation on Waluigi?! The first time i heard of/saw this character i was like "you have to be shitting me! how lame! This is worse than Wario!"
He's so bizarre that some people like him. In the DS Mario Kart I was like, this guy is driving a forklift and has a weird accent? CRAZY.

Brawl in the Family is a webcomic that also popularized him, I think.

I mean, some people probably even like Tingle, but I think Tingle is creepier than Waluigi.
Nov 4, 2010
I thought Fortune Street did gangbusters in Japan usually though? Thought this one was only being brought stateside and to PAL regions because of all the Mario stuff possibly making all the hardcore financial stuff slightly less daunting for casual people.

also is this toastyfrog as in Jeremy Parish