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Free Steam copy of Sequence ($4.99) for every single member of GAF [Last chance!]



You heard me.

Upon the Steam release of Sequence (which should be sometime during the day on October 20th), I will be giving away a free copy to every single member of this forum. Every single one of you. Even you, Amir0x.

Why? Mainly, I suppose, as a way to say thanks. It was through NeoGAF that I first heard of XNA and the Dream Build Play competition, which initially got me working on the prototype that would become Sequence. And, more recently, it was a benevolent member of GAF (who has asked politely to remain anonymous) who helped me out with finally making the jump to Steam.

It's been a wonderful ride, and I'm not done yet. Iridium Studios is currently in pre-production of a second game, which may or may not be Sequence 2. (Seriously. It may not be.) It's all very exciting. = D

How It Works
If you want a key for the game, make a post in this thread WITH A TITLE. I don't care what the title is, just use one. Don't claim more than one copy! You may, of course, give or gift the key to a friend.

I will start distributing keys on the 20th, though as that's launch day, crazy bug fixes may come first. I expect the majority of keys will be given out on the 21st, via PM. I'll be doing this continuously until January 1st, 2012.

Can I still pay, somehow?
You may! Here's a rad Paypal donate button, which you may click and contribute any amount of money you so desire. Wait until the end of the game, and give what you think it deserves! But that said, please don't feel obligated to donate; I would rather you all play my game and have a good time than not. All funds will go directly to the development of our second game.

What the hell is Sequence?
Sequence is a crazy rhythm/RPG mashup with a soundtrack by Ronald Jenkees and a full, 10-12 hour story mode. You can head to the official thread here, check out our reviews trailer here, our how-to-play trailer here, and our official website here.

Thanks, everyone! And have a great time.

Edit: Sequence is, unfortunately, not Mac compatible. There are no current plans to port, but hey! Who knows?


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You are an amazing man.

I hope you are eventually recreated in granite.


I really like the idea of a rhythm based RPG, so I definitely want to check this out. Congrats on hitting Steam and thanks for being so generous!


I'm in. Although might not have a chance to play it... I'll try to find some time to try it out (although I have a ton of backlog, not to mention some projects I'm testing out/making on my own too).


It's always cool to see projects from people here on Gaf. Will try and check out your game as soon as I can.


Ok, Thanks!
But I won't be donating as that would be buying and I have no need to buy a PC game when console games are superior.


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Please and thank you

Edit: Donated 10 bucks. Good luck my friend.
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