Friday the 13th: The Game |OT| You and your friends are dead. GAME OVER

What are considered the top tier Perks for the councilors?, im at my max now and still dont have a good idea as to whats considered keepers!?
I'd say pretty much anything that's a rare or epic perk for starters. Specific ones to hold onto are Marathon, Level Headed, and Medic. Sucker Punch, Thick Skinned, and Restful are also really good on the right characters. You may also want to hold onto a good grinder if you need xp, my dad is a cop if youre good at calling the cops, and man at arms that allows melee weapons to last longer.


Really tempted to get this game - just hate hearing that it seems so scuffed and buggy... I know for me that continually having stuff like that come up is game/immersion-breaking.

But the gameplay and idea behind the game is right up my street. 🤔
What's the community like for this game on Xbox?

I should have my XBX later today, and since I've played the fuck out of this game on PS4 (and will continue to...), I'm curious what it's like on a different platform.

I'm in Australia so obviously the player base will be limited compared to the US, but I'm still hoping that it's not completely dead over here.

I cbf with overseas lobbies at all anymore, the ping combined with the greater propensity for people to be lowlife fuckheads (no offense America) has put me right off playing in lobbies with overseas hosts.
The likelihood I will be disconnected or the piece of shit host will ragequit if they die is just too annoying to bother anymore, especially when it's just outright impossible to play the game well when your ping is 360ms at best and more like 400 a lot of the time.
Things like driving/shooting/throwing knives/placing traps accurately all rely on a good connection which is why I'm host 90% of the time I play.

I plan to play convincingly as a noob at first, then BAM! Stunned you 174 times in a row motherfucker. People lately have actually been commenting like "how the fuck are you doing that" etc, I've played this game too much haha people who play with me regularly are always referring to me as some mythological god of F13 whether as Jason or counselor.
This one guy last night was so salty as Jason when he found he was no match for my Chaddy (+ swift attacker, heavy hitter, sucker punch), it was 2v1 and he killed me with about 15 seconds to go after trying all game, my friend survived - yay.

My plan is to be Retro Jason (they're usually shit), do things like smash every fucking window on the map (because important), take 5 minutes to break down a single barricaded door (because hard), place traps in easily avoidable areas (because smart), then after a few minutes, get my stalk on and brutally annihilate the poor Chaddy's and Jenny's I may be up against.

As a counselor, I probably won't bother pretending to be shit as much as that could get me killed early and that would be no fun.

I've read that technically the game is a little worse on Xbox than PS4 but not sure if that's still the case after all the patches. Is it more or less on par now, anyone know?
This guy I'd never played with before started fucking with me the other night, and what followed was pretty hilarious (well to me anyway).

I made a new PSN account recently for reasons I won't go into, and chose a username that relates to the game itself, since it's basically the only online game I play. The name is a way of subtly (read: not so subtly) trolling any Jason player I go up against, though for it to work I have to play as Chad literally every game - oh well I did that 90% of the time anyway.

This random Lachappa decided to help his Jason friend (opening doors for him, trying to attack me even though that's pointless in public matches now) and in the process got me killed a few minutes into a game.
I came back as Tommy, got the car ready around the same time cops arrived. It was just me and the Jason helper left at this point, I wasn't even 100% sure he was trying to help Jason when I died as Chad earlier as all he had done was unbarricade a door in the cabin I died in and wildly swing a couple of times in my general direction.

Jason stopped me in the car just before the left turn onto the main road right near the exit, which happened to be where the police exit was this time as well. Lachappa was just standing around near the exit with his trusty axe.
I got out of the car and messed with Jason for a bit, still thinking that Lachappa might be innocent and I should try and help him escape. The dumbass tried to attack me a few times. I knocked Jason down a couple of times trying to buy myself time. Could have easily escaped via cops, as could Lachappa, but where's the fun in that. I only had a machete which sucks for stunning/knocking Jason down, but I got lucky and knocked him down a 3rd time as Lachappa continued to try and attack me, now a metre or two from exit.

I sprinted to car, drove towards exit, swerved into Lachappa in hilariously deliberate fashion, then escaped two seconds later. "+1000 Legend" XP thing should have popped up.

Next game, Lachappa (who had died and come back as Tommy) and his friend who was Jason previous round were trying to get the 4 seater going, I got the other car started and drove down to where they were, ran over his friend.
Also hit him with car again, without killing him this time. Left him hobbling around, escaped with another counselor and then spectated Jason killing him, the last counselor alive, seconds later.

Following game I was Jason, morphed to phone house at beginning, Lachappa happened to spawn outside and was still saying his opening line and hadn't even started to move. Grab, asphyxiate, mid-kill rageguit. I don't think it was even 15 seconds into the match lol.

3-0 Chaddy.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

  • Made adjustments to the window collision blocker that is created while a counselor in the process of climbing or jumping through a window
  • Addressed several exploits and exploit locations

  • Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to work inconsistently when being placed near doorways
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to become stuck in a counselor’s hands
  • Fixed a bug that caused counselors to sometimes become stuck while climbing through a window


  • Fixed a bug that caused the northwestern exit to not work properly as a vehicle escape

  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to not function properly while Jason is standing directly behind the vehicle

  • Reduced the volume of Part 5 Jason’s music
I am really big on this game, but right now I am really down on the devs. After launching without host migration or dedicated servers on console, a major issue I cannot fathom was not taken into account pre-launch, they were supposed to be working on dedicated servers since late summer. Then they wouldn't give details until denying they could due to alleged NDA's in December (ish). Now they announced they cannot work on them any more until they finish an upgrade to the engine late March or April, and based on their track record I doubt they finish the engine by then. At this point I am thinking we won't ever get dedicated servers or host migration, and that really sucks. I couldn't possibly count how many times I've wasted my time waiting to play, playing, and/or waiting for the round to end for the xp onus only to have the host quit and the session close.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Hey everyone!

Today we would like to share some news about the Single Player Challenges we will be introducing to Friday the 13th: The Game. This game mode will not require any additional purchase and will be bundled in its entirety with the engine upgrade patch.

In the Single Player Challenges, players will control Jason, hunting down counselors in multiple movie-like scenarios. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see:

  • Multiple replayable missions across varied locations, featuring numerous individual objectives
  • Unique scenarios and maps specially tailored for each mission
  • Cinematic Kills only available in SP Challenges
  • New voice acting and responsive AI that tells a new story in each map
We’re very excited for everyone to experience our Single Player Challenges!
I hope they have the cruise ship as a scenario.

Been a while since I’ve played, how is it today? Last I played their were glitches everywhere, people walking through walls, hiding on roofs, councillors teaming up with Jason etc
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Hello, slashers! Today we wanted to show you something that will be important to our fans who prefer to play as Jason. In the next update, and when you reach a sufficient progression level, you will be able to switch Jason’s weapon. Jason Part VII with a machete? Sure. Roy with a pig splitter? Go for it.

Everyone on the Friday the 13th: The Game team is excited to see the community start experimenting with different Jason & Weapon combinations!

With Jason being able to switch up his arsenal, we’re happy to let players know that custom key-binding is on the way for our PC players. We know that this is something that you have wanted for a while now, and our left-handed players have certainly been asking us about, and we’re happy to implement this highly requested feature.

Jason x



NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Hello slashers, today we’re going to take a quick look at improvements coming to Jason’s grab animation.

As you can see, Jason’s new grab feels more powerful as Jason carries momentum from movement while executing the grab. We are also introducing a sound stinger, which we believe makes it even more unsettling for counselor players who find themselves being scooped up by Jason. In the last update we reworked the area and distance of Jason’s grab, and now the improved grab animation makes them look more powerful as well.

Let us know what you think!
I like the salt mine idea but hope it is not going to replace dedicated servers. Also glad to see Part 7 is getting normal shift. He's my favorite aesthetically but least favorite to play because of mobility.

Since you seem to have a connection with the devs or pub, can you pass along a request for a double XP week instead of weekend? For people with kids, playing this during the weekend can be tough between shuttling them around, social events, and the content not be suitable for when little kids are awake.
My faith in the devs to turn this game around has evaporated. I just don't understand how this game could have sold as well as it did, yet still have no dedicated servers or host migration on consoles almost a full year since launch.