Friday the 13th: The Game |OT| You and your friends are dead. GAME OVER

Dec 31, 2014
My faith in the devs to turn this game around has evaporated. I just don't understand how this game could have sold as well as it did, yet still have no dedicated servers or host migration on consoles almost a full year since launch.
This is currently the only game I play. It has restored my interest in gaming to some extent as multiplayer really just was starting to bore me. I have put almost 800 hours into it and I really try to provide the developers with all of my faith, but I understand your frustration and I’m beginning to feel the same way.

There have been glitches present since launch and glitches that present after patches that don’t seem to get resolved. I understand that they are trying to provide a single player experience because it’s what they promised, but really who cares about that? This game was made for multiplayer. I don’t want to chase a bot around a single player challenge.

They’re also not really addressing things either. The last patch (when was that again?) brought with it an entirely game breaking bug which causes counselors to “rubber band” when exiting cars which makes it remains like you’re moving when you exit but really you aren’t and Jason can just kill you as you’re helpless unless a teammate is assisting.

Friday the 13th was a great time to do something really unique for the game, but what did we get? 3x XP and increased tape drop. Literally the laziest thing they could have done. I don’t think they’re giving up, I just don’t think they can handle it or don’t know how.

Saving counselors has been busted since they removed team killing, only working 75 percent of the time even if Jason is hit with a weapon by a counselor.

Occasionally, items still become glitches and cannot be used like health spray and car batteries. Then there is the promise of dedicated servers for consoles with the patch. Well, it might not be worth it in the end of the player base just keeps dwindling. They keep saying this engine update is required for the servers to be implemented, which might be true or it just might be another excuse to buy them time while they figure out how to really implement them.

In a climate like today, where the public moves onto the next “in” thing with the blink of an eye, you can’t let shit like this go. The game is sitting at about 450-500 players on the pc daily, people say it’s better on console but I honestly doubt it. We have no date on when the patch is coming. They recently compared completing the patch to “heart surgery” in terms of how involved it is and still just said “soon.” It’s maddening. I can’t keep making excuses for them.

I’m in love with what they’ve created and it’s truly sad to watch it slowly crumble and all I can do is watch. I pray that this new update allows them to provide us with new content more quickly and provide better quality of life support for the game.
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Apr 17, 2007
I was going to get this game last year but got too hooked on EQ. Reading Steam reviews people say to stay away from this game. Is it worth getting now at $40 or are there any sales or should i really stay away?


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014
Hey campers,
I wanted to just pop in here to say that we are reading posts. We are combing through twitter, reddit, this forum, and the endless reports via jasonkillsbugs website. As well as all the DM's, screenshots, videos from streams, etc, of issues that are popping up since the update. We are quiet at the moment, not because we don't care, ignoring you, ignoring problems, etc. Not that at all. Here's what we're doing:
1. We are recording every issue being reported across all social media, forums, etc.
2. Looking for more information on each report. A report that says "Game crashes, fix it." requires us to reach out to that reporter for more informaion. (What platform, when does it crash, what were you doing when it happened, do you have video or screenshot of issues, etc.)
3. Consolidate all issues into one working document.
4. Sort issues into categories (animation, art, interactions, network, etc)
5. Mark priority for each issue (high, medium, low)
6. Then we have meeting with ILL (the developers) to go through list and give as much detail as we can.
7. QA at ILL gets spun up to replicate these issues. Upon replicating we can find the issue.
8. All Leads at ILL are briefed on QA findings vs known bug list.
9. Leads at ILL assign bugs to engineers, artists, etc, to fix.
10. Bug ticket marked as "fixed" and then it goes back to QA. QA tests the shit out to assure fix held.
11. On and on until high priority bugs are solid. Then move on down the list.
12. Then you slate patch date for fixes with all platforms (Sony, MS, Steam) to try to get a patch out as fast as we can.

So we're not ignoring. We are listening and acting instantly. I apologize you're not getting responses directly or indirectly to current issues. I hope this quick post helps explain. We're here, we're fighting.

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Feb 6, 2014
I was going to get this game last year but got too hooked on EQ. Reading Steam reviews people say to stay away from this game. Is it worth getting now at $40 or are there any sales or should i really stay away?
It can be really, really fun. There are some bugs/glitches from time to time, but overall it's definitely better than it was at launch. The new update added something they're calling the Salt Mines which punishes ragequitters and host quitters which used to be a real problem. Now people are less tempted to quit and I've seen a lot less hosts quitting on PS4. The population on PC has taken a huge hit though due to rampant hacking and cheating so I can't recommend PC if that's your usual choice.

They've been adding a lot of free content since launch like maps, counselors, new Jasons, new kills etc. In general I would say this ; if you are counselor, expect to die because only 1-2 people are supposed to make it out alive and if you happen to escape that's great. If the Jason is a bad player, everyone might escape, and if the counselors just make mistake after mistake you all might die lol. Like the movies, it's at its best when you don't take it too seriously. If you're playing with randoms and fix a whole car by yourself, and then you go off to look for the keys and someone else shows up with keys and steals that car and escapes, you gotta be able to call them an assface and laugh it off like they're the selfish person in the movie who tries to screw over their friends. Of course, Jason might immediately show up, stop them in that car and kill them, sparing you in the process. You can easily make friends in normal quickplay and end up with a good group going pretty soon with everyone having mics so that doesn't tend to happen much anyway.

Is it worth $40 ? I'd say I feel like I've gotten a lot more than 40 bucks worth of fun out of it. If you're hesitant you can always wait for a sale, but try looking up some gameplay on youtube of groups playing together and see if it looks like fun to you.
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Mar 12, 2014
I was going to get this game last year but got too hooked on EQ. Reading Steam reviews people say to stay away from this game. Is it worth getting now at $40 or are there any sales or should i really stay away?
If you were ever a fan of the franchise then this game is a must play. It has its issues for sure, but it by and large allows for a great F13 experience. Stay away from steam though and pick a console. Its well known to be more active on console than PC. Based on issues that have arisen on Xbox, such as rain disabling, I would go with PS if you have a choice. But either console should be fine because I believe rain is back and they now have parity on console. If you hold off though, a sale is guaranteed sooner than later.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Welcome to the June 8th Patch notes! This patch will be released initially for the PC only. The XB1 and PS4 patch will be released at a later date

UPDATE: 6/8/18 - PS4 Patch is now live

General Changes and Bugfixes

  • [PS4] Medium Bloody Skins have been re-enabled
  • [PS4] Improved VoIP functionality
  • [PS4] Fixed a bug where the idle timer was not working properly
  • Addressed several issues that were causing crashes
    • Including the crash that occurred on startup for XB1
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that caused SteamVR to activate when the user is launching the game with a VR device connected
  • Improved consistency with the mute function
  • The following emotes will now loop properly
    • The Poppin’ Robot
    • The Cabin Boogie
    • Freaky Friday
    • Friday Night Fever
    • Sexy Sway
    • The Pumpkin Patch
    • The Running Man
    • Bouncin’ and Boppin’
    • The Bel-Air
    • The Vincent
    • The Mia
    • The Low Down

  • Addressed a bug that sometimes allowed players to select an unreleased Jason
  • Fixed an issue with Jason holding his weapons incorrectly when weapon swapping
  • Fixed an issue that caused Jason to become “shiny” when equipped with a bloody skin
  • Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s hands being “bright orange”
  • Fixed an issue with Part 6 Jason’s mask strap being discolored
  • Fixed an issue that caused Savini Jason’s clothes to “flicker”

  • Fixed an issue with Medical Sprays not functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue with Victoria’s pants changing into the incorrect pattern when the player equips the Sweater
  • Fixed an issue where Tiffany’s swimsuit outfit was not able to be individually customized between the top and bottom
  • Fixed a bug where Buggzy’s shoes would deform when performing certain emotes
  • Fixed an issue with Jenny and Tiffany’s model in the character selection menu

  • Addressed the “Rubberbanding” bugs


  • Increased the amount of shore spawners on each map
    • Note: These are the item spawners that are used to respawn weapons and repair parts when a counselor escapes or dies in the water

Jarvis House

  • Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly take damage when climbing out one of the windows in the Vacation House


  • Added a car blocking volume to the small bridge next to the Halfway House
Single Player Challenges

  • Fixed an issue on Broken Down where Buggzy’s head and neck were slightly disconnected in the opening cinematic
  • Fixed a bug on Lights Out where Speed Demon would become unobtainable after 1 minute
  • Addressed an issue on Stargazing where Shelly would jump out the windows instead of using the front door
  • Fixed a bug on Packanack Party that caused A.J. and Adam’s VO to play even after they had been killed
  • Fixed an issue on Strip Poker where there could sometimes be a duplicate A.J. in the opening cinematic
  • Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Lachappa’s VO would play twice in the intro
  • Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Buggzy and Vanessa’s conversation was not playing properly
  • Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Buggzy would sometimes start sleepwalking for a few moments before falling back to sleep
  • Fixed an issue on Vacation Party where the counselors may sit in mid air or behave erratically when Jason walked past the window by the side of the building
  • Fixed an issue on Vacation Party where killing Vanessa during her conversation with Kenny would break Kenny’s AI

  • Fixed a bug where certain weapons would not produce the sound effect that occurs when Jason destroys a hiding spot
  • Fixed a bug where the sound effects for doors, barricades, etc. would not consistently trigger

  • [XB1] Addressed an issue that was causing the morph reticle to disappear
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that caused some of the emotes to be unclickable in the emote selection menu
  • [PC] Added “Knife Throw” to the Keybindings menu
  • [PC] The “Left” and “Right” movement key bindings will now properly affect movement while driving
Dec 31, 2014
As expected, most of those issues are not fixed and more glitches and problems have been made.

This was within the first hour of playing post patch on PC:

Rubberbanding still exists, even on the boat.
Rounds will randomly end with counselors still "alive."
Escaping in two seater car grants you a "suicide."
Weapons glitch and become as big as cabins.
Party system is completely broken. Every match at least one person is booted with random errors such as "you were kicked" or "lost connection to host." Nothing seems to fix it. You just keep trying until you can both join.
Both Jason and counselor randomizing before the beginning of the match is now happening more frequently. This leads to people leaving (I mean... who wouldn't? and probably being tossed into their salt mine system for not wanting to play in a bugged match.)
When Jason enters "rage mode" and crashes through doors sometimes the doors will not break.
Drawers still do not stay open once checked.
Throwing knives randomly getting stuck in the air and twirling around making "swoosh" noises.

What seems to be fixed from what I've played:

Health spray now registers after using. Before you had to use it 3 or more times to register.
Sounds play properly on doors and drawers.

I know there are more, but I can't even think right now. I cannot comment on single player challenges. I don't really have an interest in them and don't really care when they address the problems with those. Multiplayer needs all the support at this time because this is critical. This is probably the worst state the game has ever been in. I do not believe that proper QA and testing is implemented before these things are released. I can't even use the excuse that they are releasing these patches for us to test because these issues were present with the new update in May and they're still there plus more. I'd suggest they keep this patch off Xbox One because it's not good on the PlayStation 4 either. Similar issues are present.

It is beyond frustrating and I can't defend these developers anymore. This is the first time in my entire history of playing games that I have questioned the capability of a game's development team. It figures that the first multiplayer game I become addicted to in years is in shambles. This game is unplayable right now. There is a critical bug in every session. It's clear they're not equipped to handle development for something of this magnitude. Patch after patch sends more issues out into the wild that stay there until more are released with every patch. I would not be surprised if we never get the Grendel (Jason X) map at this point. There is no way in hell they can release a map that needed a complete overhaul to even look authentic to the film in the game's current state. They will probably just toss Jason X out there in a few weeks and call it done. He's been able to be hacked since winter of 2017, so it's not really any type of surprise anymore. Everyone has seen his kills, skin, etc. I don't see much more content coming either. Probably just more stability patches and that is it.
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Hello everyone, there have been a lot of questions about where we stand with the state of the game right now, and whether we are going to continue updating the game (Spoiler: We are). Below you will find items that we intend to have fixed with the next update to Friday the 13th: The Game.

Critical Fixes:

  • The game ending while counselors are still in play
  • Escaping via a vehicle counts as suicide
  • Players loading in as a character different than the one they selected
  • Counselors stuck to repair points after initiating/completing a repair
  • Game crashing tied to the destruction of doors
  • Players able to clip through a wall on the Pinehurst map
In this update we are prioritizing bugs that have a large impact on gameplay, though it is possible that some lower impact issues will be resolved due to a shared solution with critical issues, or as time allows.

Once we launch console dedicated servers, our resources will be able to focus exclusively on player facing issues. With no content being added, we should have fewer new issues arise, which will allow us to work solely on reducing the overall list of game impacting bugs.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Hey Campers,

Sorry for the silence as of recent. It’s been a tough couple weeks, as I’m sure you’re aware. But I wanted to address a few questions that I’ve had sent to me personally, as well as questions we’ve received through the official F13 channels. These questions vary but all have a similar tone/request. “Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future?” The answer is no.

Development on games can’t just pause indefinitely and pick back up again; it doesn’t work that way. Especially when you have no idea when that future date will occur. We can’t keep building content that may never see the light of day. That’s bad business. I’ve also had questions about adding “non-F13” related content to the game. “Can’t you make a new level or a new counselor that has nothing to do with the films?” We can’t do that either. We can’t add any content, whatsoever. Nada. Not even a new tree or rock. We can only focus on console dedicated servers, bug fixes, and maintenance.

I know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear and I wish the situation were different. But it’s the painful truth. I appreciate your passion and look forward to seeing everyone around camp.


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Mar 12, 2014
People aren't happy because the devs lost all credibility in 2017 for a lot of people, kept making promises, kept delaying things (we expected dedicated servers in October - still none to date), finally dropped the "big engine update" just recently that created far more issues than they solved, and after the cluster f caused by the bugs they suddenly cancelled all content including content already teased in game. Considering the lawsuit was known about since pre-launch and they never explained the game could be cancelled at any point and everyone thought it didn't affect them before, it gives the appearance that the lawsuit is an excuse to move on after screwing the game up, especially since they were developing a new game already (I believe) since last summer when they should have been redirecting their profits into making the game as best as it could be (it was a kickstarter game after all - some people paid like 10k i think to have their likeness included). Not even the courtesy of quickly releasing all content in work before the deadline for the copyright issue. Whatever happened behind the scenes doesn't matter any more. Screw these devs and their publisher. I will never buy anything they put out ever again.
Oct 17, 2013
Durham, NC
I'm sad about the lawsuit getting in the way, but I felt they delivered on the actual game content, and a bunch of stuff came out after launch. This is probably the buggiest game I play, and they can technically still bug fix and are bringing dedicated servers. Was there an expectation for continuous DLC that are making people think it's not worth playing?


Vincit qui se vincit
Jan 30, 2018
I really enjoyed this game, but I wish it was just a *little* bit better. The graphical glitches, bugs, and server issues hindered what otherwise was a fantastic multiplayer game for gamers and fans of the franchise.

This is really disheartening to hear.
Oct 25, 2013
Dammit, I was going to jump in at the next sale on Xbone...but I think I'll be skipping it now due to no further content and a community that will likely fall apart/disssipate. Sad it turned out this way. I'm a huge F13 fan so was looking forward to playing but told myself to give em a year to fix the game first. we are a year + later and the game is still reportedly a mess and facing legal/shutdown challenges. Glad I didn't invest any time/money into it or I'd not only be sad but pissed off as well. On a side note, this is one of the big reasons a lot of gamers dislike the trend of MP focused/online only games without a strong SP component.
Dec 7, 2014
i played the game last night and man, it was depressing as fuck, no more fun at all, the removal of team killing has really ruined the game, i hope one day the devs realize how they made their game boring with patches and eventually bring back team killing

back then you had to be careful from both Jason and the other players, you have to think carefully about who might betray you and if someone is cheating with Jason you can put them down

i remember back then once the game starts, everyone runs immediately to get the shotgun in case a traitor shows up, and if you killed someone and they are back as Tommy, it's amazingly fun trying to avoid him as he chase you looking for revenge, or killing someone as he fixes up the car\boat so you and your friend can escape

the game wasn't just as simple and boring as it is now, it was a unique experience, it was actually a fun horror game, horror from jason and the other players

developers, please rethink your decision about the removal of team killing, don't kill your own game, or at least make a different mode that allows team killing like a Hardcore mode, or allow the host to turn on and off Team killing

it's not just me who stopped playing once Team killing is gone, many others did, a simple google search will prove that a lot of people want Team killing back and a lot of people agree that without it the game is not fun at all
Feb 24, 2015
Wrong. Team killing ruined the game initially, it flourished afterwards. Online gamers are typically trolls, if you had a big circle of people to replay with it would be fine, but not all of us do.
Exactly. The game is/was great fun when played with the right people. The problem with that is that it requires people to play as intended without trolling of any form. They're going to continue to patch and tweak where able, so that's at least cool. But I'm pretty upset the game isn't going to be getting more love, but I don't regret dropping $150 on the Kickstarter. It's just a shit situation honestly.
Feb 10, 2018
The lawsuit nonsense is really just coming across as an easy out.

They could have released additional content before the July 15th 2018 termination date, just stuffed the game with what ever additional content they had and then worked on getting it running right and fixing bugs and issues.

Or they could of reached out to Miller and/or his attourneys to see what he was looking at getting compensation wise for the games content and/or additional content, after said termination date.

They are really just stopping as a “cover our own ass” type situation, when simple communication with Miller pending a potential win could have all be set in place if terms were fine.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

General Changes and Bugfixes

  • Fixed several issues that were causing crashes
  • Fixed an issue where the match would sometimes end prematurely even when there are Counselors still alive on the map
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to load into a match with a different character than the one that was chosen

  • Fixed an issue that caused counselors to shake uncontrollably during Jason’s grab kills
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Top Popper kill to sometimes behave erratically near solid objects

  • No more giant weapons
  • Counselors can no longer cancel out of the sweater stun animation by using an emote
  • Fixed an issue that caused counselors to continue the repair animation even after death
  • Fixed a bug that caused counselors to temporarily lose parts of their model when entering a hiding spot and stepping on a bear trap at the same time
  • Fixed a visual bug that occured when a counselor stunned Jason at the same time that they are grabbed
  • Fixed an issue that occured when a counselor holds their breath at the same time that they are exiting out from under a bed

  • Fixed several issues that allowed players to get on top of a moving car without dying to the kill volume
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes become stuck inside the vehicle after repairing
  • Made adjustments to the collision volume that exists on top of boats


  • Addressed several counselor exploit locations on various maps
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Counselors to die if they escaped via the car in Higgins Haven, Crystal Lake, or Packanack
  • Fixed an issue that caused drawers to sometimes close after they have been opened
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to leave the boundaries of the map through the police exit
  • Fixed an issue that caused an inconsistent number of Medical Sprays to spawn in Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Crystal Lake Small
  • Added an additional countermeasure to the firepits to prevent players from dropping repair parts into them

Higgins Haven

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when breaking one of the doors in Higgins Haven

Jarvis House

  • Added a car blocking volume underneath the Jarvis House


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk through one of the walls in the Halfway House
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk on water in some areas of the map
  • Fixed some texture issues that were occurring in some areas of the map
Single Player Challenges

  • Fixed an issue that caused Pamela’s VO to play twice after certain special cinematic kills
  • Added a collision volume to the upstairs bedroom in Power Struggle and Stargazing to prevent players from dropping the bots into a location that the bots are unable to escape from
  • Fixed an issue on Lights Out that sometimes prevented A.J. and Kenny from escaping
Offline Bots

  • Bots will now correctly fix broken power generators
  • Bots will no longer turn on their flashlights while in a hiding spot

  • Fixed an issue where Jason was not in the correct spot on the scoreboard
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