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FRIDAYTON MK II: 5.5 million bears and salmon create unholy allliance to sack SONY HQ

So where is this Cerny-God now?

No, but seriously.. This is such an non-issue and GAF is once again a bit touchy.
Both machines are still crazy capable of showing great looking games but also, hopefully fun games as well..

If we could have great games on 360/ps3, why wouldn't we have it with upcoming gen?

However, the amount of RAM allocated does seem a bit much for these machines and why did Sony feel they had to allocate as much, considering that their machine was made "by gamers for gamers".. ???

Well if Sony was more focused on games, then maybe there'd be more RAM available.


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I thought I read elsewhere that Sony have/ are sending out a lot of Dev kits, are they under NDA ? (if not can someone with a dev kit comment on the op)


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(Today, 01:22 AM)


It wasn't me! Funnily enough.

Anyways, this particular carnival of stupid must sadly come to an end.

See you in the archives! Drive safe!
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