Frozen store bought pizza, expiration dates?

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I dont see dates on these tombstones. I grabbed 10 for $20 knowing price of food is going up and a deal like that will never happen again but that also means some of these will definitely be in the freezer for 8-10 months. So when is it no longer safe to eat these things? I'll just give most of them to my dad now if they pose a risk after awhile.
Yeah, your biggest worry is easily freezer burn making the pizza taste awful. There is no way it will spoil before that, given the number of preservatives in those pizzas.
Kraft Food's Customer Service said:
I've had my TOMBSTONE© Pizza in my freezer for a while now. How can I tell if it has expired?
All of our products have what is called a code date. This date can be a best when used by date or a Julian Code Date. TOMBSTONE Pizza has a Julian Code Date.
This coding information can be found on the pressure sensitive label containing the nutrition information on the back of the package in the white space towards the bottom of the label.
In this case, the Julian Code Date is the pull date, the date the product should be consumed by or pulled from the grocer's shelves. An example of a Julian Code pull date would be:
In this example, the 6 designates the year (2006), the next three digits 003, designate day number 3 of the 365 days possible. So we know this product should be consumed or pulled from the grocer's shelves by January 3, 2006.
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