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FTC Will Require Microsoft to Pay $20 million over Charges it Illegally Collected Personal Information from Children without Their Parents’ Consent


Same goes for Ring camera devices. Crazy to find out global contractors had unrestricted access to cloud-based video recordings and hacked/backdoor to customer accounts.
I'm sure that lawsuit will be showing up shortly too. If that device connects to the internet and cloud infrastructure, someone had access to it!




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MS will gladly pay the fine as they've done so many times. They've paid out billions over the last twenty years and it was worth it for them as they made way more.

Got hit with another2.9 over business deals with Russia and Cuba. It's an easy Google.

They seem to operate how they please and don't care about these slap on the wrists.
It's almost like a "by design" in the grand scheme of things.


"Create the problem, provide the solution."

The ultimate grift.
It's even worse when it comes to the monetary system. They create the booms where everything is super and people invest poorly then they create the recession and buy things for cheap.

Booming hot economies followed by busts are engineered and not natural. Yes it happened before central banks but not nearly as severe or prolonged.
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