Full Unreal Engine 4 Elemental demo video running on PS4

The key differentiating factor between last year's demo and this newer iteration is that the Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination (SVOGI) lighting system hasn't made the cut. Instead, Epic is aiming for very high quality static global illumination with indirect GI sampling for all moving objects, including characters.
From Eurogamer.

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That's actually a decent comparison, though. It's comparing an engine running on a $480 graphics card vs running on an entire piece of hardware that will probably cost less than that.

lol some of you guys comments are lulz worthy.

it doesnt look as bad as some of you guys are acting.
Indeed. And it's also a new engine running on older devkit hardware. Honestly, they shouldn't have even released the video. All it's gonna do is start shit.
While the PS4 version trailer (even not optimized and using old hardware) on PS4 was clearly real time (Mark Cerny was fiddling with it using the touchpad), the inititial trailer version was just "A VIDEO". When you get it running in REALITY, it also has less details than the initial "TARGET" video:


Something you missed and you will never acknowledge it, especially by some ****hurt fanboys. ;)
It doesn't look bad, the frame rate though and some of the physics on objects (gravity acting on falling rubble) is not as good as the PC version though.
Watched them side by side and it is mainly some difference in the amount of particles and lighting. Textures and geometry look to be the same. I think it is just early. It is hardly the most impressive tech demo anyway shown on the PS4.