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GAF-Hop |OTXVII| I don't really care if /mu/ cry

Why did so many of y'all wait until the community died to show love?

Personally, after my second ban for basically nothing, I kinda saw the writing on the wall and looked elsewhere. Coupled with school picking up and spending some time at the bore, I stuck to lurking GAF-Hop, even after my ban expired.
Miss the good 'ol days though.
Recon and kampsy going at it, blackace mixes (I still have about 10 on my itunes), endless Kanye cycles (peterboy thinking graduation is somehow his best album), the Weeknd releases, the day GKMC dropped, late night plug sessions, etc etc.
And just kickin it with good people.

Not to mention the famous HRD quarterly round-up posts (which I hope you still continue somewhere, maybe the bore?) which were a great way to find releases I missed.

See yall on the flipside GAF-Hop

Shout out to maccas and IrishNinja and never hitting the last post,
all the OGs,
Caco for never eating that Cd,
Yoda for the self destruction,
Siddx for all the rants,
Enzo for always having the news,
Toku for being Toku and bringing us balance between light and dark,
Des for the wrapups,
Everyone who posted in here ever about their love of hip hop,
All you motherfuckers. Bless up. Even the soulja girls.

Discovered a shit load of great music through this place. 5 years I've been reading this thread. Time flies.

I can't remember that shared music player thing we used to use but that was dope.

Bring peace and love with you wherever you go.

Peace out fellas.


Been browsing GAF for 12 years, this thread has been by far the main attraction for me.

Just gonna say thanks for all the dope music and great/shitty jokes we've shared. I'll have a lot of memories from this thread. Bless up to GAF Hop and I'll see you guys on the other side hopefully.


It'll be in waves I think guys. Just keep an eye out. It's no longer through the discord though. We all wanna see you guys there.

I can't PM you 36 but I did PM illithid. Get at me 36.


This community put me on Goldlink, Jazz Cartier, Noname and countless others. Just a lurker but thanks so much!

Gaf Hop discord still open?


if you see me in a fight with a bear, don't help me fool, help the bear!
This is an elegy to GAF-Hop, a community of people that made a random dude's life a lit bit more worthwhile. This was Gaf-Hop. We may be gone, but hopefully we won't be forgotten.
😢 So that's it?

Jay Sosa

huh? did i miss something? is hiphopgaf getting shut down now that xxtension is dead? a bit of an overreaction, if you ask me. which no one did. but still.

Wings 嫩翼翻せ

so it's not nice
Can someone tell me, this has been tearing my mind apart for the last two minutes:

How on Earth is it possible to discern Quavo and Offset in Dubai Sh*t from Huncho Jack?
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