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Gaf to me is the best gaming forum

Von Hugh

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Hard to believe I've been here over 5 years already. I agree that this is the best gaming forum for gaming news and gaming discussion.

Meanwhile, I've been on GameFAQs almost 20 years. That USED to be a great forum, but that hasn't been true for a very long time now. Seems like it took the biggest nosedive when the old Nintendo NSider forums closed down. Read into that what you will.

I'm a member at Resetera for roughly the same amount of time as here, but that site.......well.....the vibe there can be a bit......concerning. I don't post there often because it seems like you have to be too mindful of what you say. I don't harbor the same amount of distaste for it as others here seem to, but I don't think I really have to say any more about it than that either.

I've tried a few other gaming forums over the years, but most don't have the userbase or activity to keep them interesting enough for me. I would welcome suggestions for more to try.

Forums are the only way I communicate online. I don't use any of those "social media" type sites at all. I like to keep things a little more old-school, I guess.
It’s about the closest place I’ve found to the old GameTrailers forums I used to frequent as a teenager. After GT died I started going to Destructoid for gaming News/Discussion. It had a grass roots kinda vibe to it and was pretty lax. After about 2015 (who’d a thunk it) they started getting really political with every other article and heavily moderating stuff.

One time they had an article about Rainbow Six Siege’s new anti hate speech measures. All I did was make a comment about how I was surprised it needed more restrictions, because from my experience in the game people weren’t that toxic and I only ever heard a few black guys say “nigga” in a non-derogatory manner. My comment was immediately deleted and when I asked about it I got no answer.

Then I started to notice other people just making comments with jokes or what have you being deleted, and I just stopped caring about going there. Coincidentally enough I ended up having a conversation with one of the moderators of the site on Reddit, and the guy basically said that every site should have tight moderation because he genuinely believed if there wasn’t it would turn into Stormfront 2.0. Which is funny because Destructoid has basically turned into ghetto Reddit where you get shouted down by everyone else if you don’t agree with whatever political stuff they’re presenting.

Was hesitant initially to go to Gaf because other places said it was Alt-right, but it’s about as balanced of a gaming site you could find I would say. I do see a bit of dog-piling here and there but it’s not the norm I would say.


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GAF isn't as heavily trafficked as other sites, but what you in posts is good. Everyone has sifted through a Reddit or some crazy 4Chan rumour thread and most posts are junk like there's hardly any moderation.

I never liked those sites as the way they do threads and replies is really messy or takes up lots of room. I guess I'm old school and just like forums in the tried and true layout of each row is a different topic/thread and you click it to see the thread's posts.
Bro is it just me or is Sonic Hedgehog the most popular topic on /v/? Every time I browse there is at least 1 new Sonic thread. I'm not criticizing, because I do like Sonic. I just wanted to know if you noticed this
Well, Sonic is the peak of autism, so I wouldn't be surprised.

I haven't been browsing there a lot lately tho, but when I did it was mostly LOTS of Elden Ring threads aside from the usual fare.

People are overly sensitive on the other sites.

Especially for matters that have absolutely nothing to do with gaming.

GAF will always be numero uno to me.
Ironically between 2013 and 2018 it wasn't the case. As people would be banned for sneezing or not agreeing with the gaf hive mind, or the forced politics in every other thread, leaning one way.

Thankfully those mods left and those users made their hive mind authoritarian site called reset Era. A sesspool of crap. Now we are back being a community of divergent viewpoints that can discuss video games without banning people who disagree or have an alternative take. I love it here.
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It's too easy to get baited on Reddit, you take the "wrong side" on some thread that involves politics on an unrelated sub and it's guaranteed some moderator is going to ban you.
Shit on reddit, they look at the other subs you belong to and if you belong to a sub that they hate its instant ban... Seen it happen after I played Devils advocate on a topic and broke the hive mind. Rather then discuss I got ultra downvoted and called names. Then got "you post on x sub, your oppion is invalid", followed by a bunch of more name calling and later a ban message.


of course it is. ree is a fucking mess. i did used to visit gamefaqs but they're weirdos. reddit is kinda OK, if you lurk, but there is still a lot of hatred and toxicity. not sure if it really counts but discord isn't bad. i didn't use it a lot but there were a lot of friendly/helpful people when i was playing a lot of Destiny 2/New Horizons and looking for people to play with.
/v/ has the highest highs and lowest lows, but GAF is overall best. I agree.

In fact I don't think they get enough credit for setting the tone for internet culture that still thrives today.


It's an okay forum. Not great, not bad. This is my subjective view, of course. I mostly like A or AA games, but most discussions is either about AAA games, sales, or console wars. It's not the site itself that is bad, but there aren't many members who discuss the things that I like. After the split, I feel like there isn't enough traffick.

I made two different Resetera accounts, got banned with both. Both times for saying stuff that didn't gel with the hive-mind. In that regard, this site is good.


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You could make a thread ?

I mostly like A or AA games, but most discussions is either about AAA games, sales, or console wars. It's not the site itself that is bad, but there aren't many members who discuss the things that I like.
Like chromhound chromhound said... You can create your own threads for things you want to talk about. "Be the change you want to see," and all that

After the split, I feel like there isn't enough traffick.
I'd argue this is actually a good thing. GAF at its peak (around 2015-2016) just moved too damn fast; it was hard (almost overwhelming) to keep up with the conversation. Reasonable posts got quickly buried under one-sentence hot takes from people that were trying to hard to have a forum "personality."

Pace is much better now.


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
I've been here more than a year and after going through a lot of gaming forums like Gamefaqs, Reddit, Reset era, gamespot forums I have to say NeoGaf is frankly the best, I love the format and the kind of gamers that commute around here, people feel truly genuine and passionate about gaming.

For example I don't like Reddit too much because while some gaming subs are good the site encourages a hive mind kind of thinking. That doesn't apply here because GAF lacks the upvote-downvote system and everyone expresses their opinions freely.

In conclusion I am happy to be a member here.
I totally agree. After experiencing a lot of other forums in the past, I really enjoy here.

As a matter of fact I don't bother with other forums anymore.
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