Game soundtracks on vinyl | Analogue Gen 33fps

Had a chat with Data Discs, and they are collaborating with Yuzo Koshiro on more of his soundtracks, he confirmed Streets of Rage 2&3 are coming, also stuff they won't talk about yet! I said I was hoping for Actraiser, all I got was "that's a good call" ha. Nice blokes.
Oh damn, Yuzo Koshiro is the best.
Total longshot for sure, but I'd love to see 7th Dragon

As for shoe-ins, gotta go with Revenge of Shinobi
Also went through Mondo, the price difference was just too large for a couple of prints.

Happy that Mondo is distributing these, I will be picking up everything they put out that way!
Kind of regretting only getting the SoR vinyl now. Then again, if I got both, I would feel compelled to buy every release they come out my wallet am cry less if I just pick the releases from the games I especially love.
They only game OSTs I've bought – because I generally don't listen to game music outside of their context – are the first two Katamari Damacy discs. I wouldn't mind having those on vinyl.

But I would LOVE to have the Zelda II OST on vinyl, done up as a deluxe edition.
Anyone one know where I might be able to pick up that sweet FF VII LE Vinyl (regardless of price)? My brother is a huge fan & I would love to see his face if I could manage to get one for him!
Oh nice, thanks for this! What would be a reasonable offer if I was to make one? Might try to save up and get this for him soon.
I can't really say anything about reasonable prices, but there's some sales history available on Discogs. They don't seem to move much so there's not a lot of data. I guess eBay is worth keeping an eye on, too.

BTW the link I posted should always list any copies of that release being sold, so you might want to check it every now and then.
Pre-ordered on the EU store, but this isn't a numbered release apparently.

Still, worth buying! Didn't know this was happening till a friend showed it to me.

Discogs had crazy prices for the numbered release, lowest €90, highest €270. Glad they decided to go for a reprint.
Just got my Shatter vinyl.

Again, thank you, THANK YOU very much for making this happen for us.

What an amazing and unexpected surprise this thread turned out to be!
By the way, it was shipped and packed beautifully and arrived quickly.

Based on the shipping price on the label from New Zealand to the US, they basically lost money on shipping this to me, so I'm really super, super grateful :)