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Games that need to be remade


Sep 30, 2009
Twilight Princess

Now hear me out, The Wind Waker HD update looked alright, but it still looked good on Gamecube. Twilight Princess could see a solid boost from an HD update and maybe some extra polygons or however you make graphics look better. That and it could support both of its control schemes or toss in another updated one. And like Wind Waker they could trim up the bit where the game starts to really drag (The owl statue bits) and speed up the beginning.

But the biggest thing that can get updated is the music. On the Skyward Sword CD the Twilight Princess music sounded way better and more grand than it ever did in the game. I'd be down for a Skyward Sword HD update too, but I'm Nintendo's bitch

Plus any update to Legend of Dragoon, be it an update or a sequel, might make me not buying a PSWhateverit'son hard.

pretty done

Jun 29, 2013
Soul Reaver

I want to play it but goddamn it has not aged well. Controls are some of the worst I've ever had to attempt to use and the combat makes Assassins Creed look like Dark Souls.


Mar 14, 2013
Secret of Mana, hands down

the game is a buggy mess despite being one of the greatest games of all time. alot of these games listed need only graphical updates or modernized interfaces, while this game legitimately does need a remake


Jan 22, 2012
Theme hospital. Really just make everything in it hi-res and i would buy it right now.
Try CorsixTH. Not higher res assets but with modern game resolution and extended field of view etc. It's a remake and work in progress, but looking good already. Once the engine is done and bug-free they plan to allow custom assets to be loaded in order not to be dependent on the original game, à la OpenTTD.


I want an HD remake of the longest journey. This game was beautiful when it came out but the background were all downgraded to 640×480 to accomodate the low-res of that time. I don't even mind the low poly characters in low, but these backgrounds would look damn good in 1920×1080. I enquired about it to Ragnar Tørnquist (on his blog or twitter, whatever) who just laughed at the idea, saying the game was as good as it was.

I just want the same treatment as Another world, dammit!


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Jun 4, 2013
some place
Well, this is the big one, of course...

And ideally, it's the final chapter in the entire saga, and it goes down like this: Kojima keeps making Big Boss games; however many he wants. One more after MGS 5 maybe? Or whatever. But it all builds up to a final game simply called Metal Gear. The story retells the events of MG1 and MG2. Grizzled, dangerous old Big Boss vs young, Solid Snake in his prime.

BB is commander of Foxhound and sends a rookie codenamed Solid Snake to sneak into Outer Heaven and rescue the MIA Grey Fox. Halfway through the game, Solid discovers the truth, that Outer Heaven is actually led by BB and fights him to a stalemate, BB escapes to Zanzibar Land, and in the second half, Solid is sent to pursue him. His radio contact becomes the newly promoted leader of Foxhound, Roy Campbell. Kaz is in it too.

Big Boss is voiced by Keifer Sutherland. Solid Snake is voiced by David Hayter. Some of the game is played as BB and some as SS.

It culminates with the iconic hand to hand fight between Grey Fox and Solid in the minefield, and is done in some Kojima way that becomes one of the most memorable moments in video game history, like the flowers in MGS3. And so does the fight that comes afterwards, BB vs SS. In the end, Grey Fox is presumed dead, Big Boss is burned up, and Solid Snake disappears. In the final shot, we hear Campbell reporting that he's gone and can't be located, but the visuals show us where he is. In the Alaskan wilderness, he's in a tiny cabin, drinking whiskey as he and all his sled dogs pass out near a space heater as a snowstorm rages outside. The Best is Yet to Come swells in the background.

The End
This plus Ghost Babel as a side game a la Snake Tales.

I'd also like to see:

Final Fantasy Legend Trilogy in the form of a 3DS and/or Vita remake that actually leaves Japan, unlike the mobile phone game and DS game that were Japanese exclusives.

Skies of Arcadia in the form of a revamped, modernized JRPG for consoles.

Mother 1+2+3 for the 3DS, localized for the West.

Star Tropics completely remade for the Wii U, sticking with its 2D Zelda-esque gameplay along with including new content.


Dec 8, 2011
Mario Sunshine could use that Galaxy Touch. It wasn't the most polished of Mario games.


Mar 11, 2012
Windjammers needs to be remade or re-released. I don't want to buy a gaming set-up for one game.


Aug 23, 2010
Stillwater, OK
Anything that is either in black and white or is cost prohibitive to play and is unable to be emulated easily. Maybe perhaps some older games too and pretty much anything with those disgusting Playstation or N64 polygons, ugh.

Some examples to me would be Shenmue, Metroid 2, anything Saturn that's good.


Sep 5, 2011


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Mar 13, 2009
We need a final ending after Defiance. The world is just so rich and gothic. Naughty Dog should buy the rights so Amy Hennig can finish the series.
Can't believe I forgot about this especially since I just found out a couple days ago that Square Enix is doing a MMO set in Nosgoth.

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Apr 4, 2013

[edit] unless I missed the irony?
I'm not sure why people hate on this game so much. It was pretty solid. Nowhere near as good as the original, but on its own merits it was a pretty fun game. It was hardly a Sonic 4 level abomination.