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Germany sales update: PS4 2.8 million, Wii U 690k, XB1 600k


Damn, that's pretty impressive for the PS4. Any comparisons to previous consoles, especially its predecessors?

Also, in b4 someone posts the gif of people rushing to pick up their PS4's in Germany. :p


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Sounds about right.

WiiU sales could probably be better here but since Nintendo isnt dropping the price before the NX launches it effectively was as expensive as PS4/XBO last Holiday season.


Also from that article:

November / December 2015:

PS4: 570k
XBO: 110k


FIFA 16: 1.2m
GTA V: 780k
FIFA 15: 450k
I'm VERY amazed that Wii U outsells Xbox One in Germany, even if it's not by much.
I'm also VERY impressed that PS4 outsells both Wii U and Xbox One combinded by almost 2:1.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
I've tried to look for Wii U 2014 numbers, I could only find number up to August 2014 (350,000, v.s. 170,000 One units in Germany as of August). Anyone with better luck?


I talk to Russian retailers from time to time. They're still trying to sell the Day One bundles of Xbox One. It's like on every 50 PS4s there's 1 Xbox One sold here. And that's Moscow. In regional cities the ratio is like 100:1.


The PS4 almost matched XB1's LTD in November and December alone, that's more than two years worth of sales matched in two months.


Wonder how many of those German XO sales are imports to Tier 2 countries. It seemed to be the country to get a PS4 or XO in mainland Europe for an age

ps3ud0 8)



LT sales:

PS4: 2,800,000 (68%)
WIU: 690,000 (17%)
XB1: 600,000 (15%)

2015 sales:
PS4: 1,400,000 (+23%)
XB1: 270,000 (+21%)

2015 Holidays sales
PS4: 570,000
XB1: 110,000

Quick translation from your link/article:

November & December Sales in germany:
PS4: ~570.000
XBO: ~110.000

- the gap is widening
- PS4 market share 68% in germany
- mentions 52% wordwide market share for the PS4 and Chartz as the source (lol....)
Meanwhile at Xbox Germany headquarters... full meeting

Nope. The Order > Knack (and Halo 5) in Germany.

Great to get some updated sales, especially on the Wii U. I suspected that it was still ahead of the Xbone (and I'm pretty sure even argued with a couple of people), so it's good to get confirmation.


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PS4 is a beast!

Is this the aftermath of the initial XBO reveal?

part of it yes imho. a lot of/some people think the xbox one needs to be always online to play and needs kinect on.
At least that is one argument I hear everytime I talk about consoles with others and tell I have a PS4 and a Xbox One.
"I would never buy a Xbox one because always online/kinect watching me 24/7"


Bit surprised to see the WiiU ahead of the XB1.
Wonder how many of those German XO sales are imports to Tier 2 countries. It seemed to be the country to get a PS4 or XO in mainland Europe for an age

ps3ud0 8)
Anecdotal but I imported 2 XB1s from Germany because Microsoft delayed the release by a year in my country.
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