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Hardware Get ready for the holy grail of computer graphics - Ray Tracing


Jun 23, 2013
What's the best example of with/without raytracing that shows tangible benefits? All of what I've seen is trivial, and in some cases the raytracing makes the scene too dark.
The shittier the original shaders and lights are the better it'll look. Minecraft and Quake look spectacular with RT becuse of this.

In games where there is more production involved i find it hard to justify unless you are doing it to speed up development, but on the other hand, UE5 GI Solution it's just as easy to implement it seems and doesn't eat performance for breakfast, so idk about using RT for lighting anymore, maybe for reflections and whatnot.


Nov 20, 2018
Holy grail? Better IQ?

Where's the physics, destruction and clever AI? All three have taken a back seat and in terms of AI have become worse after every generation.

RT is an excuse for publishers and developers to sell more of the same shitty games under the guise of "its pretty". And no, this isn't the same as HD, 4k etc.

Red Factions destruction was 25 years ago.

Battle field bad company 2 was 10 years ago.

Yet, were supposed to believe that RT is going to move gaming forward when we've left the building blocks and the very foundations of games in the past?

RT is power of the cloud, infinite endings and secret sauce levels of pointless bullshit that is pushed on us, the consumer, and we have to swallow it.
Again how is that effect the actual gameplay!? People who make CGI don't have to worry about actual game is running like combat, AI or even running high FPS or player controlling the camera or even their animation will look good in every direction.
I never once mentioned gameplay and it still does not change the fact that RT is the holy grail of gfx.
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Dec 7, 2008
The Pentagon
i do consider tracing a kind of holy grail, even if the iterations take a little time to bake

at least on the developer side, since lighting is such a pain in the ass
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Feb 21, 2016
I think ray tracing will be amazing at the moment it's just something that's tacked on to current engines.

When games engines are actually built with ray tracing in mind games will look great.

Gavon West

Jan 12, 2018
I am super curious what CONTROL uses before raytracing... because that game is still beautiful without RTX on. Reflections and the ambient occlusion lighting look fantastic in that game.

But yeah, games will be prettier for sure with some excellent artists behind them and RTX on, but
I wonder how many people will stop to notice these details? In motion it can be hard to tell the difference.

I for one definitely stop to notice all the small details and things, especially in a game like CONTROL. Loved my time with it.
Bruh RT lighting in games is going to change the game by a substantial margin. Effects and graphics will be on Hollywood levels due to realtime RT lighting. As I Said before, LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING! Ive been waiting my whole life for games like these.


Jan 1, 2011
I’ve tried using Ray Tracing since if first came out and I usually leave it off, it’s not that impressive as they make it out to be.


Jun 8, 2019
I’ve tried using Ray Tracing since if first came out and I usually leave it off, it’s not that impressive as they make it out to be.
Just after they came out, I borrowed an RTX2080 from one of my friends - and ended up entirely underwhelmed. I'm still running my old GTX1080...

I also found it noticeable that the games that were being used to showcase it seemed to have a deliberately poor non raytraced implementation - presumably in order to make the "RTX ON" look better by comparison.

I think it's potentially useful technology, but I'm not sure any of the current implementations are that useful.
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Captain Hero

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May 11, 2015
Shadow Moses
I appreciate all the devs and insiders and whatever but RT will not define next gen imo , a holy what ? its not a transformation from 2D to 3D ! .. its something that won't matter to me in games , the thing that will define next gen is like :

Fast loading ( thank god XSX and PS5 have that )
much higher download speed ( games and patches )
smooth and fast boot up to the system
smooth and fast UI navigating
easy way to go back to your last game without taking more time
life battery for controllers
and so and so and so

Games will be great when it comes to graphics and visuals etc .. but we want a little effort to make it alive not just a realistic lighting ! that direction will be bad just wait for the first waves of nextgen games


Apr 12, 2016
I like this example: I’m wondering if they can go back and do Mortal Kombat 1-3 RTX on.. would love to see it
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Jun 15, 2019
Meh...my holy grail is higher framerates. Ray tracing makes the game look better, higher framerates make the game play better...and being a game I have to play how the game plays is more important than how the game looks.