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Giant Bomb |OT29| Uhhhhh I have a child

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That cracked me up.


You have to play the original to understand 0 or it won't make any sense. You could watch the anime instead but the game is way better.

If you have a PS3 or vita the original is on sale too.

People call it a prequel sometimes, but it absolutely is not one. S;G0 takes place in the middle of the ending of S;G. It would be meaningless to someone who hasn't played the original, as well as immediately spoiling everything.

Play the original VN if you are interested in Steins;Gate. The anime is good, but leaves out a decent bit of detail and rewatching it recently made me realize how much of a break-neck speed the plot is pushed forward. S;G 0 is useless to you unless you have a decent understanding of the original game or anime.

Thank you for your answers. I have no Vita and my PS3 is far away right now. Will probably wait for now so I can play the first one.

Playing video games is a hassle.


The mist recent UPF was better than watching this dull stream, was so full of promise at the start too.

Onto Overwatch and Rocket League before bed.


Prey (2017) i found to be...really overrated.

I did finish it, which is more than I can say for a lot of games. But the narrative is not as good as it wants to be. And anytime anything but a mimic is on the screen combat is awful. The first few hours of that game are a 10/10 though

But if you want a bioshock-y sort of game. It is one of those through and through.
The only person Austin worked well with was himself, because that's the only person he enjoyed listening to

I sorta agree with this, like his need to "break it down" or explain everything someone says or rephrase it is the reason I can't listen to waypoint podcasts
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