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Don't know what GiantBomb is? Check out this FAQ on the site.

Who is Giant Bomb really? said:
From top to bottom, Giant Bomb is a collection of dudes who freakin' love video games. Our editorial team has collectively played and written about video games professionally for over 30 years, and they're not looking to quit anytime soon. I mean, what else could they do at this point, really? We're based in scenic/expensive Sausalito, CA, and we're part of that whole Whiskey Media posse, which includes a strike team of unnervingly fast and efficient engineers and business guys.


CBS has bought GiantBomb (and Comic Vine). What does this mean for the site? Check out this FAQ.

All the main GB crew will be making the transition, that means Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny, Alex, Patrick as well as Dave, Drew and a few other behind the scenes folks.


The old thread has run its course, so here we are in OT2.

For those who didn't use the old thread, this is a catch-all Giant Bomb thread. Between premium content, quests and special live events, there's a little too much to keep everything in the Quick Look thread.

So if you have something Giant Bomb related that doesn't already have a dedicated thread this is the place.

You can find the other GB threads here:

Endurance Run (Deadly Premonition)

Endurance Run (Chrono Trigger)

Quick Look OT1

Quick Look OT2

Bombcast threads are posted every week shortly after the podcast goes live.

The Giant Bomb thread of not a podcast, Quick Look or Endurance Run - Emails? (Catch-all OT1)

Other Whiskey Media OTs: |OT| Lean Into It If It's Racist

About Quests

When the original catch all thread was created it was mostly down to the launch of quests, these aren't as big a part of the site as they were but this statement still stands.

Asking for and giving out help on the Quests is fine but as a courtesy to those who would rather figure things out on their own please put any hints or answers in clearly marked spoiler tags.



I proudly and openly admit to wishing death upon the mothers of people I don't like
That statement is true, and here is the proof.
Man... I wish I could justify watching that entire Endurance Run again. I watched it all after the fact and it still took me months to get through it all.

Maybe if I can just do a video a day to substitute for Chrono Trigger being over so fast...
Most definitely. I've got more entertainment from Giant Bomb than any other form of medium since the website started.
Agreed. The Bombcast is the highlight of my week. Even the missus refers to Wednesday as 'Your Bombcast night'. Mind you, she also once said "Look, I've got Ryan Davies on my boobs!". Never figured out what she meant by that.

I liked it until it became over saturated with Patrick. I don't mind Patrick, but I miss the old crew. :(
Really? I dig Patrick. I think he rounds the crew out nicely.
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