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Girls and feet, let's talk

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Girls with beatiful feet are amazing.
I love girls feet and love their stinky, but not extremely stinky...

I had two girlfriends and they did some foot fetish with me...
Well, some girls think I'm crazy, but some girls like it.
I don't have sex or relationship for a long long time...
I don't have a large experience with sex or fetish in general...
But I had my own time with these two girlfriends...

I believe I need to marry some girl one day, and I hope she like it.

Do you like girls feet? have you ever touched some soles, toes, nails or even licked a feet??
What kind of feet you like? black, white, asian? what do you hate about feet?

Let's talk !

The Cockatrice

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Well as you're pretty far gone OP...

My feet have athlete's foot all over them. Would you like to see them?

Days like these...

Have a Blessed Day
Where are you from OP? Would you like to talk about melons and maybe an orifice? Maybe msg a random stranger send you some? This a tag fishing thread if I've ever seen one.
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