GOG | News and Updates 2017 - Back to the basics

Seems the PC ver. of Ys 8 got delayed by NISA in order to do some further tweaking to the performance. I'm still keeping my GOG pre-order and am glad NISA are taking this seriously :)

Hopefully this'll mean we get DanganRonpa on GOG down the line.
Starting with V3 and it's MRM, upupupupupupupupupupu.
Don't forget the Disgaea games and any other old port that NISA plans to release on PC...
**cough**Soul Nomad**cough**
Nice I've been wanting to get Stories PoD from GOG for some time now and it being offered for the purchase of Hob is a big incentive for me to get it from there

Also I don't have Torchlight 2 on GOG, I swear it was offered as a free game one time or another @_@

Either way Hob as Arabic language option?! Gonna want to try that out.
"Big Deal Sale" started this morning. They're teasing something for tomorrow too:

"This is important, too: everyone who drops by GOG.com this Tuesday will come away with an absolutely, definitely, positively special something! If that sounds a bit odd, you'll just have to come and see."


I paid good money for this Dynex!
Oh, that's right -- Cuphead is this week. That's kinda cool. Though, I think the only game I'm interested in this week is Ruiner... provided it turned out well. Game looks cool as fuck, at the very least.
Disney/Lucasarts sale.

Thinking of grabbing Jedi Outcast (don't have a copy anymore) and Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, which is supposedly very good and which I've never played.
Anyone else experiencing this bug with the main menu not functioning when clicked using the latest Galaxy version 1.2.24?

Update: fixed in v1.2.25 it seems or not, after launching a sixth time and seeing the bug again. They tell me it'll be in a future update.
What type of game is stronghold? rts?
It's probably more of strategy/city builder. Most levels involve you building up a keep/castle while you pursue objectives (and defending yourself - usually against waves of foes that come from offscreen periodically), although there are combat missions which I suppose are basically just rts without the base-building.

At least that's what I can remember. It's been a long time since i played the game, though I had a lot of fun even though I'm not really good at strategy/rts games (though I hated the combat only portions...).