Google adding Joycon support for Chrome Browser game streaming.

Afro Republican

Aug 24, 2016
Previous reports stated that both Pro and Joy-Con controller support was being added by the team at Google after a spotted Chromium Commits. According to the same report, both USB and Bluetooth modes will be also available, though we're told the testing process hasn't been the smoothest.

The move, though shocking at first, actually makes a lot of sense. With Google's new gaming console making its debut at GDC next week, it would make sense that the company would integrate as much as possible given its already well-established competition.
Few people know but certain people were testing the Chrome feature for bigger games when select users were allowed to use the Chrome browser streaming, called Project Stream, to play Assassins Creed Odyssey.

It seems like Google is going to sync everything together with their upcoming console. The "take the games everywhere with you" is now becoming a central strategy for multiple companies.

I'm seeing it like this:

-Google Console $200 streaming only with compatibility with android sync, Chromebook synch, Chrome Browser synch, and Google Home sync. Or if streaming and full console $400.
-Move game saves and progress across android phones with Snap 808 or higher, Tablets, ChromeBooks and PC Chrome through signed in accounts.
-Modified android as base for all platforms.
-Not just games but video rentals, and other features/products will transfer as well.
-Dev tolls that are dynamic allowing for developers and publishers only needing to focus on one and the other devices will adapt automatically.

A success here will trap many people under the Google Ecosystem even further if they weren't there already.
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