Gravity Rush 2 |OT| Mewton's Law of Gravity


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RELEASE DATE: JAN. 18th, 2017 (AUS & EU) | JAN. 19th, 2017 (JP) | JAN. 20th, 2017 (NA & UK)
TECHNICAL INFO: Native 1080p 30FPS on PS4 & PS4 Slim | PS4 Pro 4K 30FPS.
DOWNLOAD SIZE: 17.1GB | 6.3GB needed to play while downloading.
REVIEWS: You can find the NeoGAF Review Thread Here
DEMOS: North America E3 Build Demo | Europe E3 Build Demo
GAME LENGTH: Expect about
20 to 40 hours.

Hekseville is under reconstructive efforts. Kat, our amnesiac heroine, is asked to to investigate a gravitational anomaly. Suddenly, a portal separates her from Dusty, her cat (with mysterious gravity controlling powers).
Kat arrives in the Durga Parallel, and it's up to her to find her way back home.

Along Kat's journey she will face new foes, uncover new powers, make new friends, and rediscover her forgotten past.

Need a refresher on the story of Gravity Rush 1? Give this a watch! [Heavy Spoilers]

Like the previous game, the story will be told through stylish comic book-like cutscenes.

-The overworld map in Gravity Rush 2 will be roughly 2.5x bigger than the original map in the first game. Players will be exploring the Durga Parallel, as well as the main city of Hekseville.
-City environments are far more detailed in Gravity Rush 2, with more active and denser populations of NPCs roaming the streets.
-The player will be able to decorate Kat's home in the Sewers of Auldnoir.
-There are online elements in Gravity Rush 2. You'll be able to challenge player ghosts in time trials, battles, etc.

-New in Gravity Rush 2, are the Jupiter and Lunar Styles!
-Jupiter Style permits Kat to build up energy in a kick while floating in mid-air, and smashing the ground with tremendous force. When using the Stasis Field ability, Kat can lump together debris and other objects, and hurl them at foes!
-Lunar Style gives Kat incredible movement speed. She can give rapid fire kicks, and instantly warp to targeted enemies. Using the Stasis Field will enable Kat to freeze enemies in place for a quick victory.
-Players can switch between Lunar, Jupiter, and default Styles at any time with the Touchpad on the PS4 Controller.

-Also new to Gravity Rush 2 are Mining side missions.
-Mining Gems and Talismans allow Kat to modify her personal stats and abilities.
-Players might encounter "Trench Mines" which offer special challenges and difficult enemies.

-Gravity Rush 2 also offers it's own in-game Photo Mode!
-You can bring in a wide variety of props such as toilets, tables, umbrellas, etc.
-You can also change outfits on the fly, set poses, timers, anything to get the perfect shot.

-And yes, costumes are back!

If you have a Gravity Rush Remastered save on your PS4, you'll have access to the costumes from Gravity Rush 1 as well in the game! If you have a Chinese + English import, your save will work!

-All players of Gravity Rush 2 will have access to the premium content DLC for free.
-In March 2017, DLC surrounding Raven called 'Gravity Rush 2 | Another Story The Ark of Time – Raven's Choice' will release. This story arc regarding Raven will take place just after the first game.
-But wait! There's more! Studio Khara produced an anime as well! The anime is called 'Gravity Rush: The Animation ~Ouverture~'. I linked the video below for you to watch!
-Pre-ordering Gravity Rush 2 in participating retailers will give you an exclusive white costume, and soundtrack.
-Pre-ordering Gravity Rush 2 on PSN will net you 10 PSN Avatars, exclusive PS4 theme, soundtrack, and white costume.

Click the image above to watch the trailer to 'Gravity Rush 2 | Another Story The Ark of Time – Raven's Choice'

Click the image above to watch both parts of the Gravity Rush Ouverture!

If you haven't played Gravity Rush before, I suggest you check out the NeoGAF OT for GR1!

Now go play!

^ Behind the Scenes Video of Gravity Cat

Still updating! Will post new avatars as they become available!

Click the image above to go to the Photo Mode thread!

Want some buddies on PSN for challenges, treasure hunts, and more? (Or you want to seriously rack up those Dusty Tokens?) Quote this post to view the link!

-Be respectful!
-Please refrain from spoilers! Please use spoiler tags when applicable. For example: When Kat defeats a Nevi,
Dusty says to Kat: "Meow"
-Screenshots are fine, but please delegate photo mode screenshots to the Gravity Rush 2 Photo Thread!
-Have fun!

Good job on choosing the right title. Can't wait for this to get to my hands :D I'm gonna take my sweet time with it
I have at least until the Switch releases.
That is a huge gap in the estimate. Is that strictly the main game versus doing all the side missions on top?
From what I've read, it's more like 20-25 hours. But yea, for some of the playthroughs, people seem to have gotten really distracted by the sidequests I guess lol


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I can't believe a Japanese open world game as Japanese as this has a budget this big. Very happy about it though! Colors look amazing.


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Mewton's Law of Gravity babayyyy! Kat is back and cuter than ever. Bless up, Japan Studios. This game looks sooo freaking gorgeous and the physics are pretty damn awesome. Must-play unique title for first half of 2017!

Great job on the OT, Kindekuma.
This is the first game I've bought day 1 in a long time... Looking forward to playing it tomorrow when my copy most likely arrives. Been avoiding all footage for the last while so thankfully most of the areas/characters will be fresh for me :).
Damn, I played and beat gravity rush on the vita with all dlc years ago. However, I was going to play the remaster before the sequel. Looks like that ain't happening lol.


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How do you actually pull this off -- I couldn't work it out in the demo, it's a Lunar mode thing, yeah?
You push forward + X at the same time!
It's much easier standing and doing it but I managed to do it once while running as well which was utterly fantastic. But just be standing and do it and it works in Lunar mode.

Edit: Beaten by chaos.