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GS's Army of Two Review: Unprofessionalism at its finest?


it's 4th of July in my asshole
Aug 26, 2007
Hmmmm played through the game, wouldnt call it "mediocre" or "Generic" the game is solid and incredibly fun to play, the co-op AI is pretty damn good and the enemy AI is pretty good as well.

Games an easy 8 imo, not sure what the problem with the media is, maybe because its all American based and you guys feel like you need to hate on the game to not appear like you support the war or some shit like that........ which is just wrong, its a game, a good game and it deserves some love.

Heres hoping for a sequel that further expands on everything cause the groundwork is there for a really kick ass game.

More guns+customisation plzzzz

Oh and a back to back challenge, wave upon wave of enemies and see how long you can survive, WOULD BE RIGHTEOUS!


Jun 7, 2004
RotBot said:
This reminds me of Roger Ebert's review of Zoolander, which was 100% about the movie's use of the prime minister of Malaysia and how that's not cool.
Thanks for posting this. The review is a fascinating relic of the time. Zoolander came out just after Sept 11th -- so politics -- especially those around the idea that people out there hate us -- we're on everyone's minds. Ebert talked about the movie in contemporary context.

I don't see the example of Army of Two being that far off.