GTA 6 Mega Leak - Team Real or Fake?

What team you on?

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Rockstar Games Cleaned Up Its Frat-Boy Culture — and Grand Theft Auto, Too

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I mean....the game is made to create satire and such, so if a small amount of people who does not even play the game get "offended" (and most likely do not even care), are more important than their fans,? I would never sell myself like that. I know, it will still will sell a lot, but just to change to make it "politically correct", lets see how it ends up.


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That map size is huge. If this is real then this easily becomes not just the biggest GTA map, but also one of the biggest open world games of all time.


I truly want to believe Vice City can come back, but I have a feeling they simply won't do it for some reason.


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There are some similarities between this leak and the info recenty from bloomberg.

So maybe some of it is true or both are fake.

We have been hearing that its set in and around Florida for what seems like forever.

I hope some aspects are true. While reading this leak it occurred to me just how much of the core GTA gameplay can change. For example the wanted system is still really unrealistic, introducing where cops can issue tickets for minor offences, may be simple but it would be a pretty big gameplay change. However getting the cops on your tail for speeding could get annoying, because no one wants to drive slow when you just want to get somewhere.
Having cops set up crime scenes, investigations and checkpoints on roads would also be quite a fun gameplay mechanic.
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