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Guilty Gear Xrd coming to Europe on December 17th I guess?

So I stumbled upon this entry in the Japanese version of Guilty Gear Xrd, in the Library mode.

Was this announced for Europe and I totally just missed it? Or did something catastrophic happen? lol
Whoa that would be awesome if true but could that hint on a digital only release then? :( The 17th would be a Wednesday and games 99% of the time release of Fridays here though our PSN store updates on Wednesdays soo...


Probably digital only for EU, but that's better than nothing I guess.

Got the game already and its a blast. Story mode is pretty much GG the anime season 1 lol


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They have confirmed that they are working on it and it's probably digital only. And since supposedly Arc are publishing that actually means that some countries are getting nothing.


Hmm, can't I import the American disc version and play it and use all of its features?

Because, I don't want it digitally. I want it on disc for my collection.


Wanted to get it/"import it" digital day 1 from the US PSN, but all the better if it's released on the european PSN since I still have some Euros on it.
Also, as others have said, the DLC won't be such a hassle.

Hope this turns out to be true!
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