Guy Fieri Is A Huge Douchebag

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I really can't stand this guy. The hair, the bowling shirts, the sunglasses worn around the back of his head - jesus. Why would you ever wear sunglasses around the back of your head?!? What makes him worse is that he has that one show - where he goes to diners and drive-in type restaurants - and I love all the food he gets to try. I remember one where he samples bbq from around the country. Why should such a grade A dbag get to try such good food?

beelzebozo said:
yet this is the guy for whom america voted. not that either of the final two were that wonderful of choices, but oy vey
He's also the only one that's had any sort of success. The others have vanished.


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NomarTyme said:
Meh, I like his show.
i actually love diners, drive-ins, and dives. i think it would be just as good if not better with someone a little more folksy like jim o'connor, though--guy's beach-dude whoaaaa sensibilities offend my rural upbringing consarnit
Have you seen the ads he does for Applebee's? He says that the new items, "were taken from the best he found on the road."

That shmuck stole other peoples ideas and now they're on the Applebee's menu! I hope he is blacklisted from now on.
I can see where he would annoy, but he provided me with some tasty recipes. Also, last I checked, Guy's Big Bite was the only show on the food network that always comes with a booze recipe.

Even douchebags are useful sometimes.
"Oh! That is Money!"

It's pretty sad that he has sold out by endorsing Friday's featured(frozen food) entrees. I liked him up until that point.
Toy Soldier said:
Don't forget the lovely Sandra Lee.
screw Sandra Lee, there is only one woman on Food Network.

Her name is Giada.

As for the Guy Fieri guy I dont like him either, the way he talks is annoying as hell.
It was between Guy and the big fat gay black guy, to win Food Network's Top Chef contest or whatever. There was no way the guy that was black AND gay was going to win a fan vote...


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traveler said:
So do you guys have any substantial criticisms or are you just displeased with the way he dresses, the way he talks, and his hair?
he's a tv personality! how are those not valid criticisms when he's supposed to be aesthetically pleasing to viewers?
beelzebozo said:
he's a tv personality! how are those not valid criticisms when he's supposed to be aesthetically pleasing to viewers?
I haven't seen his show, so I can't really judge whether or not he's an adequate host or whatever, but I have always hated the industry's insistence on putting pretty people first. I don't give a damn about how attractive you are,(unless the whole point of the show is looking at attractive people) I care about how qualified you are to talk or present the material you're given OR how well you can act. Aesthetics is one of my last concerns.


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he's not a bad chef, but his sensibilities are definitely stuck in early 90s surfer culture in a way that seems forced, unnatural, and very manufactured. he would fit right in as an extra in gleaming the cube, proclaiming one of christian slater's grinds "totally money" as he slid by. he just seems like a big phony.

but hey, maybe i'm wrong and he's just totally genuinely lame, in which case i can tolerate that more. but you can run down the list and see that food tv--and other networks--pretty clearly look for people of very distinct "types" to fill their demographics, and he's targeting a demographic i'd imagine most people here find really disagreeable.
It's not about prettiness or aesthetics, it's about presentation and personality. This guy is grating in both appearance and manner.

Now, on the other hand...

Zyzyxxz said:
I'll pick whatever side you're on, Giada. <3 <3 <3 <3


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yeah. alton brown dresses like a goofball sometimes, but who cares? the dude is awesome. nobody even notices because he's always wearing his rad suit.


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Every damn time they air the episode with the local BBQ joint the line is INSANE, pisses me off to no end. I'm talking a 5 minute wait to 1 hour+, it's incredible.
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