Guys, I'm starting to get worried about the Marvel cast.

Taken from interviews:

Tom Hiddleston:

Q: What is Loki's relationship with Stellan Skarsgård's character in this movie?
TH: (laughing) This is where I can sense the red dot forming on my forehead. (laughs again) And the Marvel sniper in the corner on the roof over there — he's got his eye on me.
Paul Bettany:

What can Paul tell us about Vision's design? "I'm not allowed to tell you that!" he protests. "Every time anyone asks me I look to the hills and see the light glinting off a telescopic lens and a red dot on my shirt. If I tell you I lose my job and get wrestled to the ground and tasered."
Benedict Wong:

The actor has already confirmed his part in Avengers: Infinity War, and there's every indication that Doctor Strange 2 is coming sooner or later, too – but Wong couldn't tell us any more. "I've got a red dot pointing at my head," he said. "Imagine if it was your fault that something happened to me. I can neither confirm nor deny."
Michael Pena:

Last month, I asked Michael Pena about ANT-MAN and he told me that if he said anything further, there would be a red dot on his head.
Jaimie Alexander:

But I do know I will be in ‘Thor 3′ and that Sif will have a very pivotal part in that movie. I just can't tell you what because I'll get shot."
Chris Evans:

After Jay Leno told Chris Evans that he loved the first Captain America movie, Leno tried to get Evans to give him the inside scoop on the sequel. However, Chris Evans said, ”The problem with Marvel is that, it's so funny, it's so different from other movie experiences, you can't say anything. They have snipers just out waiting. I feel like if I start giving plot points a red dot will just end on my forehead."
Don Cheadle:
Conan: Let's talk about Iron Man. Is War Machine coming back?

Don: You know, I hope so. Uh, we can't...this is another thing, we can never talk about...they post people outside of our homes and if we mention anything about any Marvel see the red dot.

I think these people are trying to tell us something.
They've been using the references to snipers for years. I remember Chris Evans talking about them back in 2013. It's become a running gag. Consider that with Avengers a lot of the Marvel cast mingled, and I'm certain that rubbed off on movies that weren't directly involved with the Avengers cast.
I'm not too worried because I don't think Marvel will be allowed to kill people and get away with it. Those quotes are troubling though. Thanks for collecting and posting them. Everyone should read this.
Funny how specific they are, even down to the "red dot" wording. At first I figured it must have been an in-joke on the set of one of the movies that they're all repeating, but for so many different actors to say it, makes it seem like something they were specifically told to say, which is... a little creepy.