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Half-Life Alpha Preview Disc (1997) leaked online

An intrepid Redditor going by jackaljayzer was lucky enough to get a Half-Life preview disc, intended for journalists at the time, by a friend in Bellevue, Washington (where Valve is based). The disc contains screenshots, trailers and a demo build of the Half-Life 1997 alpha.

Jackaljayzer has put the contents of the disc up on the web and is auctioning the disc on eBay. You can download the alpha right now from this link. To play the alpha delete or renamed the "...\Half-Life 0.52\Half-Life\Opengl32.dll" file and then run "...\Half-Life 0.52\Half-Life\enginegl.exe".

Credit goes to Marphy Black for the screenshots.


Link to the demo is found here: http://www.valvetime.net/threads/half-life-1997-alpha-preview-disc-leaked.243023/


Cool, gonna give a shot in a few minutes! Anyone know if there is a comparison online somewhere? The screenshots on the link here show some pretty big differences.





I remember screenshots from this build back in the day, good thing they canned it and remade it.


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Haha, that face. You know some artist was having fun that day.


Is Geoff hinting at some new Half-Life 3 info/reveal exclusively on GTTV soon? Or am I reading too much into this.


All I can get is a demo map to load and I can't change the video settings. I will have to see if I can get a map to load.


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The alpha certainly "feels" closer to Quake, in terms of the look.

I'm pretty sure the last thing they did was to modify the engine, when you play OG Half Life it feels very different from quake but you know for sure it's using the same core engine, is that feeling you can't get off. Carmack tech back then was godlike.


There is a version of Half-Life that was played from a third-person viewpoint (technically second-person but whatever). Screenshots from that version were used to hype the early round of 3D accelerator cards for PC. I assume it'll pop up someday too.
I remember even older screenshots of half life actually. And also some temp loading screens.

Would love to see more from those versions


Also, let me share this hilarious piece of vintage gaming journalist from a popular italian magazine:

Just to translate the last few sentences:

"From what I've seen the game doesn't seem too bad, but I'm ready to bet this Half-life will be forgotten in a heartbeat".
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