Happy Birthday, Project Gotham Racing 4!

You've aged pretty well considering you're 10 years old:
I still enjoy watching your intro and E3 videos from time to time, it could be nostalgia but I think they hold up, even today.

Both in-game and replay, you still look (and sound) pretty good. You weren't only a looker in photo mode, that's for sure!

So PGR4, I'd like to wish you a happy birthday. Shame it's been so long since you or your relatives made an appearance since you graced us with your presence. Maybe one day...

For further reading, I can recommend a retrospective from Eurogamer that's a few years old, as well as their original review.

It's not about how fast you drive, it's about you drive fast.
Still the best and most immersive racing game I've ever prayed with Horizon 3 a close second. And I still think it is one of the best looking racers out there. As fancy as Forza's graphics are, they have not impressed as much as PGR4 did.

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Still one of my favorite racing games of all time. Paired so well with a wheel too.

Really miss Bizarre Creations.
I miss PGR :( easily my favourite racing game series, and nothing else is even remotely close to the handling and drifting.

Also i am old :(
Still one of my favourite racing games ever.
That franchise kind of live through Forza Horizon, but it's not the same.
Is it available on X1 BC?


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My favorite racing game of all time, alongside OutRun 2's arcade style.

Still find it the biggest crime that the timing of its release led to far less sales than it deserved.
PGR always felt like the forerunner to Driveclub. I wish it would come back, make it happen Microsoft! I mean they have a serious racer in Forza Motorsport and an open world racer with Horizon. Now you need an arcade racer.
Still my go-to racing game after all these years. It wasn't until Driveclub that I felt that PGR4's weather had been surpassed, but that wasn't much fun to actually play. I just wish the franchise hadn't died due to releasing right next to Halo 3, nothing on the market nowadays nails that sweet spot between realistic and arcade driving like PGR did.


I can't *believe* these lazy developers keep making file sizes so damn large. Btw, how does technology work?
Probably my favorite vehicular racing game after Gran Turismo 3. It was just so much *fun,* and the sense of speed with real cars is unrivaled.
Microsoft, we need a new Project Gotham Racing, for XBOX and PC this one.

Just do it.

Also: Driveclub is miles away from the perfect formula of PGR, sorry.
I bought a copy of this cheap a few months ago in the hope it would one day become B/C on Xbox One.

One of the best racers I've ever played, hands down.
Don't see it being BC with the licensing issues. Otherwise 3 and 4 would have happened by now.

It's sad to see really that MS killed the franchise and focused on Forza. It was the better game out of the two.

Come on Phil give us a reboot. Cat and mouse on bridge tour was simply amazing. It was one of the few racing or even online games where the online community was brilliant.
It still fucking hurts.
One of the most talented teams ever getting treated like garbage, not once, but even twice over by two worthless corporations and POS higher ups.

Metropolis Street Racer. The one thing I remember from that game was the Will Smith wannabe song
Sacrilege! The whole soundtrack was goddamn brilliant!

What an incredible series. Driveclub definitely felt like its spiritual successor.
While not really the same, this is indeed true. Fantastic racer in the same spirit.
Can't wait to finally see what Codemasters is letting them create.
Yep. Sadly not a single game has replicated that feeling of racing in PGR yet. Horizon is great but it does not come close to it. Driveclub is in the same style but does also not come close to it. I miss it.