Has Nintendo Convinced You to Buy a Wii U Yet?

not yet,but that is a step in the right direction.
i want to see more third party collaborations and more titles from nintendo that are not mario or zelda,like an f-zero..or a wave race
I always end up getting a Nintendo console at some point for the first party games, and now after seeing the WW HD remake I'll probably jump on a little sooner, but I'd be more tempted if the price was $259.99 and $299.99 .
the balloon fight rom for wii u is the only game i would even consider purchasing from those announced

why does it take nintendo half a year to patch in full-range rgb support
No. I do not like Mario games , i used to love MK but home console games have gone downhill so not biting again. Those new japanese games also mean nothing to me. With Durango/Orbis around the corner, 3rd party games will be there and probably better too, plus Sony's first party and MS exclusive games do suit my tastes much better.
Maybe when it is really cheap may buy one, or if Metroid is back in a decent shape,but doubt it, barely use my 3DS and wii was a total failure (for me).
Already bought one for Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends and Bayonetta 2, so I can'' wait to see what Nintendo and Retro come up with. Tokyo EAD in particular, probabbly the most talented studio in the world. Well them and Platinum, so yeah, WiiU will have a great future from a quality perspective.
I already own one and none ofthose convinced me to be excited. The threads for those games almost read lie a satire. "Holy shit, I came, OMG, Iwata 4ever." Ect. Ect. Everyone of them; it's absurd.
Yup, not yet though. I'll probably pick one up alongside whichever of Bayonetta 2 and the new Monolith game comes out first, those are the two main interesting ones for me.
Yes (it's rare i don't get a Nintendo console anyway). But my purchase can still wait as most of these announcements are far away.
I'll wait for Monster Hunter 3 HD, Wonderful 101 and pikmin 3 to be out in Europe to take the plunge.
i was already in it for rayman, mario, and pikmin. i really need tww hd to be a finished game, but that probably won't be the case. bayonetta 2 is on the way. monolithsoft's main team's game will probably be pretty good, and shin megami tensei x fire emblem should be pretty awesome. i have my doubts regarding yoshi given how epic yarn and yoshi story went, so we'll see about that one too.

so that's about 5-7 games to spark my interest. that's actually pretty good. rayman, bayonetta, and fire emblem are some of my favorite games/franchises so it hits a lot of the right marks for me. i think i'll still wait for the first price drop, though.
Not at all. I woke up to a lot of new info and while the 'X' game looks cool there wasn't really anything else that interested me.

I still want Bayonetta 2 but I think I can wait for a price drop. Nintendo needs more than just a new Mario game and smash brothers to get me really excited.
Possibly yeah. Im thinking I might get one, then pick from one of the other two manufacturers consoles for this gen. I don't want to pass on a fucking SMTxFire Emblem, a chance to play Bayonetta 2 and fucking Xenogears 2. And don't even get me started on Wind Waker HD.

Damn, they are really pushing it. It would probably be best for me to nab a WiiU and one of the others, the PS4 and 720 will have a shitload of overlap anyway.

I was tired of them 10 years ago and I still am.
Dude, we noticed.
mehhhhh. not really.

only 2 of those games were unexpected on my end...it takes more than that.

show me more 3rd party support and fresh first party stuff... not the expected stuff. surprise me for once ninty.

and honestly wind waker HD??? the funny thing is how far behind nintendo is... they should have been releasing HD remakes during the wii/ps3/360 gen..

i guess if i owned a wii U already i'd be happy because 2013 was looking pretty bleak.
I have a Wii U, but wasn't too happy with it. Now I am. Great lineup, if E3 still has a couple of surprises left, it's going to be amazing even. Even if 3rds aren't here, 1st party seems to be again killing it.
I was always going to buy their next console, but it's just a matter of when. None of the titles released so far interest me, but I'll likely purchase a Wii U at the end of this year assuming at least a few of the games I want are released.
Wind waker HD will be pretty neat, but I still want to see a ground-up new Zelda game for the Wii U, as well as Metroid.

So this tilts me more in favor of getting one, but I'm still not willing to shell out 350 dollars for a new console yet, I'll be waiting a bit more.


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Man, I'm in a weird place with Wii U right now.

Moving to Europe in just two months and I only own four games for the system. By the time I leave Rayman should be in my hands as well.

Problem is, once I arrive, I'm going to have to resort to importing or else I'll have to buy a European system. If I had a huge library of US games I wouldn't feel bad about it, but as it stands, I feel like I should have waited. Region encoding fucking sucks. Heck, I also need to find a way to get a hold of a European power supply for the Wii U, which doesn't seem to be easy to get on its own.

We all know that the Nintendo ips were in development, monolithsoft game is cool but I'm not buying a console for a few games (Zelda, Lego City, Mario 3d and eventually the monolithsoft game)
I will more than likely get one sometime this year just for the Nintendo exclusives but Nintendo hasn't convinced me that the Wii U won't be a system that will have very few things outside of sequels to the typical Nintendo franchises.

So yeah, I'll get one eventually but I'm not giddy/jumping for joy saying "Nintendo is back!!!".


paid requisite penance

Xenoblade 2 will do nothing for me unless the combat system is more like a tradition A-RPG and overabundant tedious fetch quests are scrapped.
Same for SMT vs FE.
Same for WW HD. I know it's a hardcore fan's Holy Grail and everything, but I just can't give a rat's ass about it.
Yoshi is just weird: is it an Epic Yarn mod? Is it a fully 3D game with 2D gameplay? What is it?
3D Mario isn't likely to excite me, but I'll wait and see.
I'm sure MK will be great.
Don't care about Platinum Games, though 101 looks more interesting than their previous efforts.
Don't care much about SSB.

The big question is that new Zelda game. The hints they give as to the direction of the game are very encouraging: no focus on story/scenario, non-linear dungeon progression like in Zelda 1 and multiplayer? Yes please! Next time they'll tell us there won't be any sidekick, hand-holding or theme retreads (water, forest, fire/sand...). At least I hope so.

Oh and having to pay again for VC games is a joke.
If anyone isn't convinced now, then they weren't going to buy one to begin with (which is perfectly fine).
Not true. While the announcements today certainly help make it a more viable purchase, I'm still holding off until I see what Retro is doing, and I want to know Nintendo isn't just going to keep fucking Metroid over a park bench.

I give Nintendo plenty of slack and buy all their hardware, but I've pretty much set myself to wait on buying a Wii U until there's enough stuff I want and it's actually releasing soon. So much downtime with the Wii and now the 3DS.

Right now The Wonderful 101 and Windwaker are probably the biggest reasons to get a Wii U since they're both probably releasing this year. The Monolith game is probably next year at the earliest, so there's no reason to be rushing out for a system.

I say all this, but as soon as I see the new 3D Mario I'll probably cry manly tears and then go buy a Wii U
They haven't convinced me that they have convinced third parties to give a crap about Wii U, nor have they convinced me they know what the people want from a networked device(re: accounts and that not everyone of their titles are online) and the price point.

They need to give me a compelling reason as to why I need to own a WiiU, also that GiantBomb stream at launch left me with a bad taste in my mouth...
I was always going to get one at some point, and I don't know that this has necessarily advanced the speed of that, but the stuff they revealed was cool. If a new Metroid comes out will probably be there instantly.