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Hideo Kojima Believes He'll Still Be Making Video Games as an AI in 100 Years


Vocal parasites, strand genre gaming and now AI directing. What a rough 10 years for this guys' creativity. Hope he's lost to (and laughed at) the film industry soon.


I'm actually curious to see ai generated contents and my instincts instantly tells me it belongs to which creator, I support this idea especially from the art industry, cause anything crazy could happen with art.


I mean he could very well be correct. Ai can already capture the style of an artist or a writer and create new content in that style. Is it really so hard to believe that a much more advanced ai 10 or 20 years from now could understand kojima and what constitutes a kojima game, and then asked to design a game and narrative, be capable of designing a game that would feel, look, play and have narrative consistent with an original kojima game?


Oh. God. If Kojima and Peter Molyneux teamed up to make AIs of themselves...
Especially if they got Elon Musk onboard...
If it's an AI then by definition, it's not Hideo Kojima.

AI trained on Hideo Kojima games will be making games in 100 years time, sure. But Sorry, Hideo, you'll be stone cold dead like the rest of us.


Or we could just let Kojima die and let some other weirdo take his place.
It is like how people never really accepted Jim Belushi.
Interesting that most artists are going apoplectic because AI can create art better than them, yet Kojima is straight up saying he wants AI to continue his work in his name.

Did anyone, ever interviewed Koji's wife and children whether they play their games?
I remember reading an interview back in the Portable Ops days where he said his kid wouldn't play his games because he was obsessed with the PSP.
Yeah, his kid didn't like the Metal Gear games but loved Monster Hunter, which is why Peace Walker is structured like it is (and has actual Monster Hunter missions).


King of Gaslighting
Thankfully I'll be dead.

. . .seriously, I'm on Ch. 4 of Death Stranding and this is one of the worst stories I've ever played, and I've played every HK game. The "Junk Dealer" quest is especially terrible.


He is right. Future stronger Chat AIs (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT will be able to be fine tuned to impersonate a person on top of their huge base knowledge. I bet they will be able to spit out some sick scripts, i think thats what he means with his answer.
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You joke about it but we're at the stage were you can use an app to tell your 3090/4090 to make a piece of art with a few words and change the artist style by simply putting their name in along with those words.

AI is gonna be wild 100 years from now. beyond the point of just making simple bits of art.
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