Holy shi- it's that guy! Mindblowing actor stuff.

Some of my favorites:

King Joffrey

Little kid in Batman Begins

Elijah Wood in Back to the Future 2 (Arcade kids) Billy Zane was in it too

Nathan Fillion in Saving Private Ryan

That's all for now...There's a ton more I remember but I'll probably start feeling really old
you non australians probably wouldnt get mindblown about this, but asher keddie who is the star of this popular australian tv show (the offspring)

was actually the scientist chick in xmen origins
Lol. She lives a few km from my house and I'm always seeing her at the supermarket.
Recently saw that Michael Shannon had a small part in Tigerland as well

But cant find a picture of it. Its the part where a Sgt is about to electrecute someone his nuts as a demonstration.


Single-handedly caused Exxon-Mobil to sue FOX, start World War 3
Seth Gilliam

Teen Wolf Advisor

Baltimore Cop

Guard of Oz

Mobile Infantry

The Worst Person on the Cosby Show

She is also Kat from Heartbreak High, which is how I recognized her in The Matrix.
Loved Heartbreak High.

Drazic has had a few good cameo type roles of late. Few more bigger movies to come too.

  • The Hunter
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • 300: Rise of an Empire
Just noticed this one yesterday.

The KKK guy that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence mess with in Bad Boys 2:

is Agent Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire (Michael Shannon).

i could never take Michael Shannon seriously because of this

every time I see him I just picture him yelling "I GOT MY RIGHTS!" as he's getting thrown into a trunk