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I'm happy you got a job HJ. If you're ever in Florida, send me a PM and we'll hang out. There's a million things to do here.


So...wait a minute. GAF is not just all about FHUTA and condescension? Holy shit...someone actually did something to help someone on the thread. This is amazing.


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Awesome that you got the job man. Wish I could have donated more than I did but it sounds like everything worked out great!!

Hoping this newfound success continues for a LOOOOONG time HJ!!
I tried to call my local news to see if we could get this story on the TeeVee, but none of them would go for it.
Damn Houston asshole TV stations.


I just spend an hour or so reading through the whole thread (while being at work) and i have to say it's quite awesome what people did here these few days. I'm glad it all came together. Thumbs up for everyone who contributed!


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DeathNote said:
Do you guys really want to have a page dedicated to bashing sprsk and arguing about his comment?

HJ expressed pages ago that he'd feel better paying back or matching for charity. He also mentioned it a few posts ago.

I do not think sprk's comment was meant to be negative.

Even if it was, ignore it. Everyone is ignoring people who wonder if it's a scam.

As someone that donated to you HJ, I don't expect to get anything back. I'm glad to help.

If you feel better doing something like matching for charity, by all means.

Yeah no idea how sprk's one sentence post could have been misconstrued... no idea at all...
I read about 15 pages before I started to get tired.

Soultron, you're an example of what a human being SHOULD be like. HJ, I'm glad you're on your feet and I would've sent some money your way if I could but I don't have a Paypal. I can't imagine what it was to walk out the door with nowhere to go.


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The Mods... They commeth...

So glad to hear you got the job HJ :)

Had a pizza on Sunday night in your honour, it was wonderful too!


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I'm surprised that people jumped on sp0rsk, to be honest. I think his deadpan delivery upsets people most of the time. Like Jesus said, he's going to do his best to pay people back or give it to charity.

I have the full list of people who donated through the paypal, so once the money finally transfers into my bank account and then I pull it all out for him, it's completely up to him what he wants to do with it. IMO, he's still going to need a good chunk of it since his orientation at work isn't until August 18th. The guy's been keeping his expenses down by only eating 1-2 times a day thus far, but he's going to have to grab a lot of essentials once he moves in. All that said, if HJ wants to start paying people back right away, it's totally possible since I can just send him the email list for all of the donors.

Also, from what HJ has told me about his dad (if he wants to elaborate here), his dad has been transformed into an insecure headcase by the rough hand life has dealt to him. At HJ's age, it's best to be on his own. Keeping in touch would be a good idea, but that's completely up to HJ.

To up the positive vibes again, I can hear HJ playing guitar right now and he's really, really good. Among the only pieces I could identify, he just played To Zanarkand and LoZ theme in amazing classical guitar style.

EDIT: I'm laughing at the tag. Thanks.
I barely donated anything at all but there's no need for it to be paid back. If HJ feels the need to give something back then he should donate my contribution to whatever charity he decides. Glad he's doing well.


soultron said:
To up the positive vibes again, I can hear HJ playing guitar right now and he's really, really good. Among the only pieces I could identify, he just played To Zanarkand and LoZ theme in amazing classical guitar style.

Should get some audio of that and post it!


Exhumed said:
Should get some audio of that and post it!
Since he wouldn't let me take video (said he was too nervous playing "in front of people");


Hopefully that's a little clearer for everyone! I tweaked my BB settings a bit.

EDIT: Oh god. He's playing Dust in the Wind and it's making me choke up a bit. Haha.


Tag well deserved soultron and awesome awesome job HJ!!

This thread gave me back faith in humanity and I'm really sorry that I dismissed it as a thread bitching at homeless people upon reading the thread title.

Great to see so many generous people here and I am sorry I was too late for the donations part.

HJ! Good luck in the future, may this be the a great blessing in your life full of success!

soultron said:
I...... Among the only pieces I could identify, he just played To Zanarkand and LoZ theme in amazing classical guitar style.

EDIT: I'm laughing at the tag. Thanks.

Video! Now! :D

Edit: I didn't refresh and see the post stating he's too nervous in front of people lol


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For clarity's sake: I don't expect the money I donated back. HJ: Strike me off your pay back list. I gave that money for you to keep, not to be petty and ask back.


soultron said:
Since he wouldn't let me take video (said he was too nervous playing "in front of people");


Hopefully that's a little clearer for everyone! I tweaked my BB settings a bit.

EDIT: Oh god. He's playing Dust in the Wind and it's making me choke up a bit. Haha.

:lol You're my boy Blue! :,(

Hurricane, you're adorable! It's like a mix between Edward Norton and someone else. If I was a guy, I'd totally go gay for you! Once your life gets back on track, the hardest part of finding an great girl will be finding one worthy of your awesomeness.

Congrats on the tag, Soul!
Silent_Echo said:
I think the real question is, what kind of deadbeat, lazy son must he be for his dad to not want him to mooch off of him again? Not trying to sound elitist, but as a father of four, any child of mine would have to be a complete screwup for me to use tough love like that to teach a lesson.

I'd like to take the time to say: No, good sir: Fuck you. Good riddance.

Also, I'm amazed as usual with this forum. Good luck to you HJ and thank you to everyone who was so supportive.

I only regret I didn't get a chance to give soultron his tag! He deserves it!

Maximilian E.

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Like i said before, awesome awesome thread..

Soultron or HJ, if you for some reason in the future are visiting Sweden, let me know.. :D
And also, all of you who donates money for this "cause", you are aweome as well...
The welfare by me, which is (NJ) has something call special response. I would look into that, they put you up for an entire year, even pay your food and housing. Try starting there bro, best of luck.
This thread is now complete with a job for HurricaneJesus, a tag for Soultron, and a ban for Silent_Echo Brutally_Moronic. All is well that ends well.


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Welp, this thread is awesome. Soultron, you are a good man. HurricaneJesus, it's awesome that things are working out much better than when this thread started. If donations are still being accepted...let me know.

Edit: HJ...how did you pick your handle? What does it mean?


Listen soultron...

Fuck donations. How much does it cost to buy 3 beers? I'll buy you both a drink, go get it at a nice pub. Buy one for me as well and leave it there. A picture of the beer will be enough. It's not a donation. It's just like me making some new friends and I'm offering them a beer. Whenever you come here you can buy me one back...


The PP money went through so all I have to do is withdraw it now and hand it all to HJ. I'm surprised PP went that fast -- said it was supposed to take 5-7 days!

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I wish I saw this thread sooner.

Soultron, you're awesome, you seriously give me hope for both the internet and humanity as a whole. It's good to see that there are genuinely great people on the internet and that the internet is not full of mouth breathers like the majority of people who comment on Youtube videos (although we already knew GAF was full of awesome people, just look at that free to a good home thread or the secret santa threads).

HJ man, seriously, I wish you all the best in the future. You're doing a great thing by going to school and doing something your parents never did, you will be (and even probably are right now) a much better person than them when it's all said and done. I've never been through what you're going through and hopefully never will but it must be tough as hell. I would cut off all contact with your family until you are settled and have a firm foundation to stand on but don't cut them off completely for your whole life because family are family after all(it's just too bad your parents can't understand that).

If either of you are in trouble and need money, don't hesitate to ask me, I may be on the verge of being broke (thanks to school) but I can definitely spare 20 bucks for either of you two.
This is a great thread. I'm looking forward to hearing about how things go over the next year or so (not Truman Show style or anything, just getting back to school, graduating, paying back the debts, etc.).

Great to see a message board full of negativity at times show such compassion for its fellow man. Good luck and take care HJ and SoulTron.
I thought I joined gaf for the latest gaming news and girl age threads, but this is really great to see everyone help a person in need. Good luck to you HJ and I really hope you make something of yourself and I'm sure you will. Soultron you are the man along with the other people that donated. This thread just made my day!:D


Rayme said:
Nice! It'd be fun to all party-up some time. I'm fair-to-mediocre, but my buddy TSue is one of the best players around; maybe we could rope him in.
Do it! I'd really like a challenge, so get TSue in for some games and we'll throwdown. Maybe we could do it when MW2 comes out so you actually have a chance/chance to play. Hahaha. My GT is the same as my GAF handle.

(In their defence, I've yet to play certain GAFfers I added for the express purpose of playing COD4 against. I fear the likes of Eric WK and Rapping Granny.)

Sew said:
A thread like this makes you feel like no one has to fight through life alone. Beautiful stuff. <3

This is off topic, but I'll do the smoothest segue I can. Soultron, you were after some feedback on the Saitek Aviator, here it is. I think for your efforts, a mere $60 from the donation pool should go towards buying you one.
Thanks for the impressions. Hopefully we can dogfight together when IL-2 drops!


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I would say good luck to you HJ, but i wont.

...since i'm sure you don't need it ;). You've shown stellar motivation and determination during these rough days.
With a little help from Saint Soultron you turned everything around extremely well, and only in a day or two.

I'm impressed by you, by Soultron and by the donators.

I am convinced you will make something out of yourself. Looking forward to the graduation update!

I wish you all the best, you deserve it. Swing by Sweden sometime and the drinks are on me.

Oh and thanks GAF.


Just spent the last half hour of my miserable day at work reading this thread and seeing what all the hub-bub was about. And wow, it did not disappoint. One of the best threads of all time. I am the most cynical person I know, but it was uplifting to see the best side of humanity come through in this thread.

This is why GAF is the best forum on the internet.


I have donated and I do not want the money back.
Good luck HJ, pay for a classe with the donations and use your job money to pay bills
Hey everyone, thank you again for all the kind words. I am sorry I can't respond to everyone individually right now. I am heading to Toronto in about an hour to stay with someone for a couple nights.

Soul has been way too kind and giving with me. He has offered for me to stay here as long as I need to, but I am going to try and get into my place as soon as possible.

I see there was a request for a song, so I have been writing a little something for you gaffers who have followed this thread and enjoyed it. I might not be able to record it until I am in my place, but this whole thing has inspired me to write. I had something in my mind, but it sounded a little too similar to 'the times they are a changin', so I have to keep working on it. I am not a great singer, but I will do my best and hopefully it is enough!

Talk to you all when I can get back on the net.


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And with that, a new day dawns, and another thread goes to the nirvana of thread greatness, the archive.
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