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Horizon Zero Dawn - Preview Thread [Up: All Previews Live]

What is Horizon Zero Dawn?
Horizon Zero Dawn is an Action RPG, that takes place in a post post apocalyptic world where the machines are ruling the world, but new dangers arise.

Can you customize HUD and UI elements?
Yes, you can customize and turn off UI elements, to a point of non visibility and even replace/rescale them.

Are there choices?
You've the option to delve deeper into the story come character interactions via conversation wheels. But in addition to this there are also narrative-driven flashpoints, offering three different approaches to key situations that'll shape Aloy and her relationships

How does saving work?
You can save at campfires. Campfires need to be unlocked through discovery, but once you've done so they double up as save points (quick or manual save for alternate save points) and fast travel points. The game will also automatically save during quests.

Photo Mode?
Yes. You can even change the time of day to the minute.

Are cutcenes always that bad?
No. While this is a subjective thing, it doesn't seem to be worse, in most cases better, than a lot of other games in the vein of this. Here is a link.

Are there dungeons?
Yes, there are smaller caves, which are just small places to explore, then we have something called Cauldron. Which seems to have loot, puzzles and bosses, too. 4 have been found so far. You can see a short glimpse of one in the PlayStation Access video, linked below.

Can I craft or buy weapons and gear?


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Here's a mirror of the cutscene as the videos went down: https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/826088858810998785
Saving at specific bonfire locations only? Thats a bit strange for modern day games. Please say theres an option to do it simply by pausing.


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
The night footage isn't quite as impressive as I was hoping. It looks kind of green instead of actual night time.


Membero Americo
You can only save at Bonfires? That's strange for such a huge game.

Maybe there's autosaves, tho.


Avoiding spoilers so not watching it, but is there any info if the open world is seamless like Skyrim/far cry or split into chunks like The Witcher 3?


Saving at specific bonfire locations only? Thats a bit strange for modern day games. Please say theres an option to do it simply by pausing.

uh? I didn't know that

Games that don't do saving easily (e.g. Dark Souls - although yes you can quit to main menu) aren't great for parents


Obviously spectacular visually, easily best looking open world game, but I'm still not sure about the game having interesting and varied quests.


Somewow it gives me stronger Shadow of Mordor vibes than any ubi open world.

And i loved Shadow of Mordor (its open worldness - the story was 'okay-i-guess'). Super hyped for this.
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