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How do you prepare your coffee or tea?

How do you prepare your coffee or tea?

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  • Coffee or Tea: I don't prepare anything - I buy it already prepared

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Jun 15, 2020
French press, 4minutes rest before impact, 5 big spoons of coffee powder I make from fresh beans, preferably Illy or Lavazza, if not available Dallmayr. Depending on the day either black or with a shot of milk.
At work it's a chonker of a WMF machine, fresh bean coffee with a shot of milk. Prolly 5-8 cups a day.

Tea only from the teapot, two sachets of Lady Grey, Earl grey or PG Tips left in there until it's empty. Pour a cup, shot of milk, spoontip of sugar, stir.

Nice pippin cold and with extra chocolate, I hate hot coffee. Now excuse me as I take cover from the mob.
You certainly deserve that gold medal.
Colleague of mine had half a cup of coffee, filled it up with cold water. D I S G U S T A N G
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Nov 21, 2014
That's exactly why I cut down big time from what I used to drink. I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 21. So, from like 21-31 I would drink somewhere around 5-7 large cups a day extra dark. Prior to getting married - I would also brew during the night and sleep during the day. It added to my previously terrible diet lifestyle. I started cleaning myself up of junk food about 5-years ago and cut coffee down to two small cups a day about 2-years ago. It's addictive and I was drinking it black. I never could stand it with sweeteners or cream.
I feel you. I was in the same spot. I don't like milk nor sugar in my coffee

I like that bitter taste that hits straight in the brain! Used to drink 6-7 cups a day but now only 3 and sometimes 4

And as my good man Diego Armando a.k.a Godot once said:

Dec 4, 2019
The cheapest filter coffee in the cheapest coffeemaker I could find.

And occasionally I add a little 'kick', if you know what I mean.
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Dec 19, 2020
I'm fairly certain that most of us here on GAF drink coffee, tea, or both. Therefore, preparation differs between person based on a few things: how well you want your brew to taste, how much time you're willing to invest in making it, and how much you're planning on consuming during any given day or time.

I start mornings with coffee either dripped after heating the pot on the stove (dark, no additives), or I go for instant. I'm in a rush to get to my office most mornings and only have time to just heat the water and pour some instant crystals in.

Afternoons I drink water and tea. I used an infusion pod for awhile but have gone back to sachets again.

I used to prepare coffee with all of the above poll options on a montly basis (excluding percolators). I'm not that big into it anymore or I really don't have the time to do that. I was also big into french pressing it (which some tea drinkers do too) but I hated cleaning the press itself.

Which is your preferred prep method and which do you general drink the most of?

I drink low-tier coffee, because I make low-tier coffee.

I like Raw sugar in mine.
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