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Deals How To Get Game Pass Ultimate for $5 a Month or less (up to 3 years)

Sep 7, 2011
Some of you might already know this but I didn't.

You can stack Xbox Live Gold (up to 36 months, 3 years) and then when you're done redeeming them, upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate for the $1 and get 36 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

There's multiple ways of getting the gold so just do what works for you/what you feel comfortable with.

Method 1: brazil xbox live gold (requires vpn in brazil to activate)
12 months - $36.50

Method 2: costco (requires costco membership)
12 months - $55
24 months - $95

Method 3: Amazon
12 months - $60

If you want the full 36 months make sure you uncheck the box that will give you a free month for turning on auto renew or it will stop you from redeeming your last year code.