How would you react to a Metroid reboot w/ a black Samus


Say a future Metroid game is marketed as a reboot, and at the end, Seamus Samus removes her helmet revealing she's a black woman. How would that make you feel?

What if she were a different character with Chico Chozo armor, and never outright named throughout the game?

EDIT: definition added because term is not universally understood the same way

A lot of GAF users know black to mean African American specifically rather than merely any person with darker skin color.

Look up the "black Inkling character in Mario Kart" thread for examples.
Why is this thread even happening. What could possibly be the purpose? How could it possibly end well?
I would also be annoyed because why would you reskin a classic character from a nelgected zombie IP when you could actually create a black woman for a newer or more active series
I'd much rather have an original black character, but having said that i think Nintendo needs to strive a little harder for better representation so i wouldn't be opposed to it... i think.

This is a strange thread.
Why make an established character into something new, instead of creating a character from the ground up? It would be nice to get an original black woman in their own game rather than a skin swap for an already established female symbol.

Also my issue would be rebooting a series that doesn't even have enough actual lore to reboot for any good reason. Samus is fine as is, no need to change her.
Easy question: I would throw a hizzy fit on twitter and doxx Nintendo and harass the first female and/or African-American developer I could track down.

But to the more important question: why is there a dictionary definition in the OP for the word 'black'?

I honestly don't see why having a black Samus would be a problem for normal people (i.e. those who aren't trolls on the internet).
Could be a fun new character design. Toss out the thin, waifish Zero Suit Samus design in favor of a bulkier, 'Woman of the Amazon' build.

The series needs a fresh coat of paint, and this could be a could way to break new ground.
Sounds like ban bait.

The answer is, if it's a reboot, Samus can be whatever the color she wants to. If it's a continuation then that'd be a continuity blunder and such is to be avoided.