How would you react to a Metroid reboot w/ a black Samus

Sounds good to me. Even if it ended up being bad, I doubt it could be worse than what they did when they redesigned her during the Metroid Prime era. Metroid Prime 2, I think it was. That's when we first got the design that would become Zero Suit Samus. She used to have sensible hair and an athletic build and then suddenly there's fucking Samus the bikini model with her skinny arms and her skinny legs and her skinny everything and her fucking hair and just fuck all of it. Zero Suit Samus is fucking garbage.
I would be confused to why they did that as Samus is an established character and I personally rather have a brand new original character that is non-white.

Samus as we know her is pretty much her power armor, and she doesn't even have a personality (outside of the character assassination in Other M)
Your post doesn't make any sense, how can Other M assassinate her character if Samus had no personality prior to the game?
Samus as we know her is pretty much her power armor, and she doesn't even have a personality (outside of the character assassination in Other M) so it really doesn't matter what she looks like on the inside/outside/whatever. The framing of the question in the OP is ridiculous, though.
"She doesn't have a personality but my headcanon was assasinated"

Anyway, this is a weird thread, no i wouldn't mind but she should be a brown amazonian if anything.

They should just make a new character if they were going to do that. You can have representation without unnecessarily changing established characters.
Samus is a symbol. It doesn't matter who is beneath the helmet.

You know, like Batman, except a female government sponsored bounty hunter.

In fact, the only way I'd be upset about it is if it was a man under the helmet instead. Now you're just removing heretofore positive gutsy women from vidya and that's not good.
Batman is a symbol and could be performed by a man of any ethnicity. Bruce Wayne, however, is a Caucasian male. Casting that particular character in any other ethnicity would not yield Bruce Wayne.

Samus as we know her in the games to date revealed herself as a particular ethnicity. Changing that ethnicity would be changing the character beneath the mask herself. It would not be the Samus Aran that we know. It would be a Samus Aran in either an alternate universe or sometime in the past or future when a completely different human of a different ethnicity donned a suit that looks like Samus's.

EDIT: I'd love to see this, just not as changing Samus's ethnicity. New character, new ethnicity, same or similar suit. Sign me up.
Samus isn't black though and I want them to continue her story past Fusion so if it meant a reboot then I wouldn't be for it. Otherwise I could not care less what race she is.

Threads like this are stupid, what discussion are you trying to promote here? Is this just bait for racists? There's only two real answers, "I'd be fine with it/like it" and "I would not like it/hate it." Maybe try to give a little more direction if you actually want to have a thread that ends up being more than people patting themselves on the back for accepting a black Samus.
OP could be worried that we thought they were talking about a Metroid protagonist with the comedic flair of Louis CK
Because op wanted to avoid "Afro people" popping up in this thread. See: splatoon chr in mk8

As for the topic. That game better be good. If it ended up being garbage like Sonic Boom, the redesign will be the face of a terrible game.
The same way I woukd react to the shitty theories that Samus is actually a male or transgender, or how people would like a TR reboot with a black Lara Croft.
It'd be fucking stupid, illogical, and disrespectful, so I'd react badly.

I'm not sure if this is a troll/bait thread...
"She doesn't have a personality but my headcanon was assasinated"

Anyway, this is a weird thread, no i wouldn't mind but she should be a brown amazonian if anything.
A soulless doll (like a literal soulless doll like in that Netflix anime) has a better characterization than the wimp we got in Other M.
That's also not even top 20 of the problems of Other M too.
Not really, as long as they had a compelling reason as to why they changed her look, which I would say for any signifcant change made to Samus.
The compelling reason is that the original game was made so you would play thinking you were playing with a guy and/or robot and in the end learning that she was a girl.

The idea here is you playing thinking that it was regular white Samus (since right now EVERYONE knows Samus is a woman) but at the end it shows that it is actually a black woman.

And in the next reboot she can be a Latina trans woman !
This thread is really funny..

Also as long as it's a complete reboot then I'm ok with that, although I'd prefer then to keep her characteristics and create new black characters for the series.
Don't care in the slightest.

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Here's an idea. Instead of changing Samus, let's come up with an original character for the Metroid universe that also happens to be black.

I'm fairly certain Samus Aran is the name of the woman in the armor, not the name of who the armor represents.
Well yeah, Samus Aran is her name, but what she signifies -- and has since the very beginning -- is a positive female role model. That's what made Other M particularly egregious.

The suit is her symbol. Space pirates beware, she is coming for you. I don't think Space Pirates will care about the color of her skin while she's frying them up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and neither should we!

I agree with you that it'd probably be better for more characters that are diverse, and t o leave Samus alone, but I wouldn't have a problem if her skin tone changed.
Depends on the reboot setup. Could work okay if it was solidly established prior to the reveal to be a complete reboot, with all the marketing having nuSamus in complete armor and opaque visor etc.. Would be terrible if it was something along the lines of MGS2 but with reboot scale escalation instead of story progression ("surprise it's a deeper reboot than you expected"), unless the game would go full meta crazy, but that would be heavily unexpected in Metroid.

Also Seamus is a traditionally male name.


Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
I'm against changing established characters. Make awesome new black characters instead. Everyone wins then.
What a bizarre topic. Why on earth would anyone care, aside from being overtly balls-to-the-walls racist? Not to mention that you don't even see Samus for most of the game, and honestly the origins of Samus are irrelevant to the quality of a Metroid game.
I think changing character race is stupid and an attempt to pander, create new characters if you want to diversify. In an instance where the character is passing the torch or not the same character it can work, but it's not like there is an abundance of white blonde girls who kick ass while not being sex objects in this medium.
I would much rather them make a new bounty hunter. As a black man I'm always down for more black characters but I'm not down with characters changing their skin color to do that.