HTC Vive Launch Thread -- Computer, activate holodeck

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US. Mid west. Wisconsin near Chicago.

Paid and emailed 2 minutes after page went live.

Card charged.

No shipping info received.

I hate this.
Reddit is saying today that HTC support is considering "wave 1" shipments to be anytime up until the 15th. I'm guessing that is due to sorting out the cancelled / reinstated orders from the past few days?
It will be pretty much impossible to go into a store and buy one, right?

I'm in the US next month and would maybe buy one, since it would be much cheaper than buying one in Europe...


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It will be pretty much impossible to go into a store and buy one, right?

I'm in the US next month and would maybe buy one, since it would be much cheaper than buying one in Europe...
No chance.
Have fun everyone! Wish I could get one but that doesn't seem to be possible for me right now. Hopefully by the time Vive 2 comes around I'll be able to snag one.

Will read this thread for all the impressions you guys got though!
No rift last week because component issues, and seems like no vive tomorrow because HTC can't submit a payment request properly. :/

I'll live vicariously through you guys and the giantbomb stream will keep me entertained - one way or another.

Fingers crossed for this week..
I'm a wave 1 order, charged last Thursday, still haven't gotten a shipping notification. I'm gonna be very sad and jealous of everyone else around here for a little bit, I think.


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And in fact, I'm like 99% sure that nobody on the US Eastern seaboard has received shipping confirmation yet.
I was talking about Europe, more specifically Austria (but I will edit my post since it seems confusing). There is still plenty of time left for you. I got my shipping estimation at 15:39 (CET).

Nope, nothing.

When did you get your order confirmation? I'm trying to check if they are sending them out in-order even within "waves".
I received the order confirmation e-mail at "29 february 2016 16:06:24".
That's what I though. I'll just wait for the 2nd gen then. Not in a hurry.
This is where I'm at except I don't really want to wait, I just can't justify spending quite that much on it. I was pretty close to ordering the Rift but I backed off at the last second and I'm in the same boat here. I'd have probably dived on it if it were at the same price as the Rift so I'm hoping for a slightly lower price in gen 2.
My history.

Ordered in first couple minutes. Email from HTC at :22 on Day 1.
Changed payment to new card on 3/26
Pending payment on 3/31 for $878
Called Credit card company they said charge was approved not flagged for fraud or anything.
As of this morning pending charge gone and not on transactions list either.
No shipping email, nothing in FedEx delivery manager, invoice still there.

So waiting on an email or the charge to reappear.
Has anybody in the UK (or even in EU) had a shipping email yet?

I'm so anxious for the damn thing, I've just gone and bid on a Leap Motion.

You're messing with my FEELINGS, HTC. My FEELINGS.


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Can't wait to get mine. Have an entire room cleared out for it. At least until the new baby due in August is ready to move into it.

Midwest, Wave 1, Card Charged, no shipping email. Hoping for one today.
Yes, there seem to have been some today in most European countries.

But more importantly, I didn't get one ;.(
So annoying. Even confirmation of shipping TOMORROW would be better than nothing

Nothing in UK as far as I saw on Reddit. Mostly PayPal orders from the first minutes in other EU countries (Italy, France, Norway, Germany, Austria ...).
I've got a +1 minute UK order so I'd better be soon!
Even after the screw up at the bank i may still get my Vive this Friday, HTC started shipping before the bank froze my payment due to fraud and cancelled my card. I spoke to the bank rectified everything but unfortunately the account will remain frozen until i reactivate it when i get my new card. So i'm not sure whats going to happen and i don't know whether the payment will clear or not while the accounts locked, the rep said it should but it might not (non answer lol) but the package is still on its way so i'm hopeful.

But this whole saga has aged me terribly.
Just waiting on my shipping notification. In Texas. It doesn't look like I'll be getting one on the 5th at this point, but I'd settle for the 6th! :(
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