Hyrule Warriors : official website opens, new screenshots/artworks


Edit : new pics and translation (from StreetsAhead) :

StreetsAhead said:
A Great Warrior In The Zelda Universe!

Experience a new 'battle action game', born from a collaboration between Nintendo's puzzle-solving adventure game series 'The Legend of Zelda' and Tecmo Koei's 'Musou' series.
Starting with Link, players will be able to experience the game as numerous Zelda series characters set on familiar series locations.

Link Makes Light Work Of Problems!
Enjoy action not seen in most Zelda series' games as Link takes down large groups of enemies in Musou series' tradition as a 'Great Warrior'.
Of course, the game play retain's the Musou series' trademark simplicity and intuitiveness of its controls so anyone can enjoy taking down enemies as Link.

Play As Many Characters
Various characters from the Zelda series will be playable! Find your favourite and use them to fight the hordes!
Many characters and weapons from the Zelda franchise will appear as playable. You have control over the attacks, which have been beautiful and refreshingly presented using Wii U's graphics.

Combing The Best Parts of Zelda & Musou
We have used Zelda series systems like hearts for health and magic gauge, coupled with the playstyle of using items to take down bosses, and arranged them in a 'musou' context along with the music and sound effects that are tradition in the series.
It's a new world born from a combination of the the Zelda and the Musou molds.

The Triforce, composed of sacred symbols of Courage, Wisdom, and Power, will grant the wish of all who touch it. Many battles between good and evil have been fought for it through the ages.
When Hyrule was in danger of falling into the hands of evil, a hero wearing a green tunic appeared to strike down the ambitions of the evil powers. To ensure the evil would never return, he broke the evil's spirit into four pieces, sending three pieces off into the depths of space-time, and sealed the fourth piece at the entrance to the Temple with the Master Sword.
For generations since then, at the edge of Hyrule, a sorceress has watched the equilibrium between the Triforces three aspects; Courage, Wisdom, Power, using a crystal, looking for any sign of a disturbance, but...

Website can be found here. Famitsu interview here.

Some additional artworks :

Character profile translation by StreetsAhead :

Link,The Hero; Link is an exceptionally strong soldier in the Royal Army of Hyrule. The power of the Triforce of Bravery hides within. He is a kind individual who can speak with fairies and he has within him a strong sense of justify that makes hi firmly stands his ground against evil, even if they are stronger than he.

He mostly uses a nimble battle style that relies on footwork to mess with his opponents. In this game, he can make use of various weapons, but his main weapon will always be a speed-type sword.

Impa, Commanding Officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard; Impa is the commanding officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard. She is the attendant and vassal of the Princess Zelda. Leader of a family charged with supporting Hyrule's royal family from the shadows, she cares not for herself, and works exhaustively for the family and the Princess.

Starting from pulling out her long sword back handed, she disposes of her enemies with exact precision in quick, feverish succession. She is a sword master, with precise movements and footwork.

Shia, The Black Witch; An evil witch, who had her good soul chased out of her by dark forces. She has a strong sense of self, clearly states her desires, and a provocative and aggressive personality. She wants to make the whole world hers, but especially she wants to make Link hers.

Wizro, The Dark Sorcerer; A ring that increased its power over many centuries by luring in numerous owners and absorbing their powers, Wizro was reborn as a sorcerer with Shia's dark magic. It has pledged allegiance to Shia, who is effectively its mother, however, it has a tendency to follow those in power thanks to its many experiences.

Wizro will attack with magic pulses like bullets, or magic from up above.

Valga, The Incandescent Evil Warrior; Valga is a close associate of Shia's. He traded his good soul for incredible strength in a deal with her. Differing from Wizro, Valga will face you head on like a true soldier, believing he can win. He looks for strong opponents and 'heats up' any battle he is in.

With his lance, reminiscent of a dragon's claw, and a bellowing war cry he will come at you with heavy blows repeatedly.

They also reveal the contents of the Treasure Box Edition (post from StreetsAhead) :

Treasure Box set is available on Amazon.

Cost: 14,904 yen


1. Game
2. Official Art Book
3. Triforce Clock
4. Costume Set ("Bravery") *3 types
5. Costume Set ("Wisdom") *3 types
6. Costume Set ("Strength") *2 types
7. The Hero's Scarf
8. Treasure Chest shaped case (with sound)

*The costume sets will be available as paid DLC post release.

The Premium Box is also available for pre-order

Remember, Amazon Japan doesn't ship internationally.


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Sweet, Impa from Skyward Sword. That's one of my favorite Nintendo character designs in ages.


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Art looks okay. That grass texture is throwing me off though, especially considering the level of detail on everything else. A bit jarring.


Each character page has multiple pictures that you can scroll between.

Also, Impa's design is making me surprisingly excited for this. Over-the-top campy action with Zelda characters sounds great.

This will be the second the "Legend of Tits" thread.

So after rhis launched what is the chance to get a proper trailer soon? Would love to see the game in motion and if they use voice acting or not.

Big One

Glad to get a confirmation that Impa is playable and more to come.

Not a fan of the villain design in this game. Looks too much like anime fanservice villain.


So what DLC can we expect, aside from new characters and maybe some stages (Or is that the limit of what to expect)?


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Pretty sure that's a new Impa design. Even if it does look a lot like SS's Impa.
Yeah, I was referring to how much I've appreciated her original Skyward Sword design. This new take on the design is awesome, too!


The first trailer looked really dis-interesting to me, but these recent screenshots seem a lot more interesting. Guessing there'll be a lot more info during E3.
Kinda odd that there's a very realistic chance of 3 Zelda games being shown (Hyrule Warriors, Zelda U, and possibly MM3D).


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I really like the look of this. I wasn't expecting very much from a Zelda spin-off, so I'm happy with what I am seeing. I hope we see a trailer soon.
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