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Opinion Clickbait Cringe I have found Corrado Soprano's twin ˛°˘^ [UNCANNY RESEMBLANCE to uncle JUN] DOPPLEGANGER THREAD

Elektro Demon

Nov 9, 2019
I was reading some local news site and there was this article about famous free masons in my country. So I've read the article and stumbled upon the picture of a dude named Vladimir Prelog. He's even won a nobel prize.
But when I saw the picture, I thought the journos made a mistake, I thought they inserted Corrados picture by accident. But apparently not. Man he looks exactly like Corrado Soprano (Dominic Chiasanese), don't you think?

Vladimir Prelog

Corrado Soprano

So, if you know people that look exactly like other people, feel free to post it in this thread.