IGN hosts perfect quality boxes, you just have to know how to get them

This is a minor trick I recently learned to grab high-res boxes with no artifacts:

Take SSBM:

The url you'd see on the game's page is this:


If you remove the "boxart_160h", you get the following:


Which give you the above HQ box.

A recent example of Project X Zone:

The url on the page:


Now remove the "_160h", you get this:


Which again gives you the above box.

Not all will lead you to jumbo boxes, I tried it with Luigi's Mansion GC and only got a tiny one...

So in a surprise turn of events, IGN's now home to very HQ boxes that put Amazon and others to shame, try it if you're looking for a great box!
In case anyone wants to know the Amazon trick, same thing really.

Click the box until you have it bigger, right click, copy the URL...

And remove _SL1500_.