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I'm becoming disillusioned with Hideo Kojima.....

Apr 30, 2018
This happened to me in the late 128bit days, my friend.

As soon as I saw the man had all the power in the gaming world, wanted to do a million different games, desired to end his involvement with Metal Gear and yet always ended doing nothing but bend over to develop more MGS exclusively..... Yeah, I fell out of love.

I thought to myself later that I might had been too harsh on him... And then he started hyping his Hollywood stars more than anything else and posting selfies on social networks of the way his butt looked on this and that particular pair of jeans... It was then I knew I had did the right thing.

I am anticipating Death Stranding. A lot. I still like Kojima; in the current, insipid gaming dev climate even more so.

But I have long put things in perspective.
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Gold Member
Dec 3, 2013
Hi, I'm MiyazakiHatesKojima. You may remember me from such threads as "I hugged Hideo Kojima, AMA" and the culturally shifting "My First LTTP: Papers, Please". As you all know, I'm an admirer of Hideo Kojima and have long since been a fan of his works. Over the years, I've been defending Kojima at all costs and never questioned my loyalty to senpai.

However, the day has come when my love for senpai is almost on the edge of falling off the cliff. Hearing about how flock of fans ran up to the stage during today's Gamescom conference and took selfies with Kojima made me realize something: Kojima is an icon. Yes, I know that may sound strange but I realized that Kojima is just like your typical A-List celebrity that possesses both fame and artistic integrity.

This is NOT why I fell in love with Kojima's works over the past years. I've genuinely admired him to be a somewhat of a genius game developer that creates ingenious gameplay and immersive worlds and only that. I never realized how much of a diva icon he's become in the industry and it's putting me off from my admiration of Kojima.

I've prepared a resignation letter already, but I thought I should speak about my feelings on GAF first before making the biggest decision of my life.

GAF, what do you think?

Edit: I know this sounds like a silly thread, but it's not. I've literally started to become disillusioned with Kojima-san. I'm hoping the diverse voices on this forum can speak their thoughts about this and share it with me.



Headmaster of Console Warrior Jugendstrafanstalt
May 4, 2005
It's not his choice that people treat him like that. Judge him for his actions and not others'. I personally don't like any of his games and think Death Stranding looks incredibly boring, gameplay-wise, but I do not think it is fair to put him down for people admiring him. If you enjoy his work, I see no reason to admire him as a creator, no matter what other people think. Trust your feelings on him, not on what you think about other people.
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Soleil rouge

May 17, 2010
I definitely lost respect and admiration for him after reading about the English language localization of Metal Gear Solid. The translator, on the other hand, deserves a fucking medal for his brilliant work.
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Jul 26, 2018
My dev god is Manfred Trenz.
Google that, if you want.
Did you know that the port of R-Type that Manfred Trenz worked on was actually supposed to be an R-Type clone (and he had smooth scrolling working on the C64). But Activision came in and basically said "you know, we've got the R-Type license for the west and your game clearly looks like R-Type. So either you do that for us for real or we make sure we sue you into oblivion." And so that's how the R-Type version for the C64 came to be. Luckily, he got Chris Hülsbeck himself to compose a rad theme for that version.

Dude is a legend.

Dragon Lord

Jan 26, 2019
To me it sounds less like you've become disillusioned with Kojima and more like you've become disillusioned with the nature of your own adoration of him.

As someone who sometimes falls into serious bouts of fangirling, I know what it's like to get almost this "personal" sense of connection where you feel like you're on a kind of special wavelength with an artist. Then one day, you sort of look at the situation from the outside, and you see that you are one of countless persons who seem to feel that way.

It doesn't make Kojima less, or you less, or anything you've experienced or any of the ways you've grown through your dedication to his work less. The question is just whether you're going to stay dedicated now that you're seeing the context of the situation more realistically.
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Nov 21, 2018
I'm a big fan of his games too, but it's become obvious to me in the past year that he is too much in love with himself. I lost all respect after hearing about Joosten and how shitty he treated her.

P.s. Death Stranding is day 1 thou
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Neo Member
Aug 31, 2019
I think Kojima was genius in his own sort of 'niche' making campy Japanese games. a little like Suda51. (I know Metal Gear is far from niche).

Hollywood guys tooting 'Kojima is genius' is an adverse statement.

A true gaming industry genius is Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who has created many iconic household series and flipped the gaming industry upside down time after time.

I still love Kojima, and will play Death Stranding one day. but i don't like this self aware 'genius' Kojima era.
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